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Until You Find What Sets Your Soul on Fire, You’ll Always Have a Motivation Problem.

A Note on AZOTH & What We Really Do: Our Role as a Catalyst & a Bridge To to Finding Your Real Purpose.Every order ever shipped from AZOTH included a handwritten note from me. 50,000+ deep. This is the AZOTH way.People who ask me or anyone to motivate them, don’t get it. I am not a motivational speaker. We at AZOTH don’t motivate you.Neither is our Podcast, The Enlightened Millennial, that racks...

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Work Life Balance Of The 1%: Being Obsessively Biased Towards Execution

Why Your 100 Hour Work Week isn’t getting you anywhere & What The World’s Most Successful Are Doing Differently. "Do I outwork everyone else? I don’t know. I am just so focused on out-executing, that I stopped keeping tabs.” Brands aren’t just reserved for big corporations with fancy slogans and million-dollar PR Campaigns. As a matter of fact, each one of us has a brand. From what we say, to the way...

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