Superior Ingredients Harvested in their Prime. No Chemicals, Filler, or Cheap Imitations. 
100% Manufactured in America.  Clinically Dosed 5-10x Higher than All Competitors. 
Giving You the Purest, Smoothest Nootropic on the Market. 
  • Whether You’re Building Your First Side-Hustle
  • Dominating Your Workouts
  • Crushing it at Work
  • Or Burning the Midnight Oil to Conquer Your Studies
Uninterrupted  Peak-Productivity and Being "In the Zone” Form the Undisputed Holy Grail of Success.
After all, you can have all the talent, skill, and experience in the world, but if you’re lacking concentration and are feeling burned out, you’re going to fall short. Each time.
This is why we formulated AZOTH 2.0.
AZOTH 2.0 is an easy to swallow, all-natural (vegan) dietary supplement containing 9 nootropic ingredients working in synergy to unleash within you uninterrupted, crash-free focus, motivation, and social confidence that lasts all day and never leaves you hanging.




AZOTH 2.0 Remains the Most Potent Nootropic on the Market, Milligram by Milligram.
The Usual Reaction from 1st Time Customers and Nootropic Veterans is:
"F*** I've never felt like this before!"
One of Our Most Loyal Customers was Actually in Tears His 1st time trying AZOTH.
This is because AZOTH 2.0 is an actual Nootropic - not a caffeine-pill infused with knockoff Chinese herbs and a "Nootropic" label slapped on it.




Coffee can be awesome for times you need a quick “pick me up” or when you’re trying to meet up for a romantic date...or to shoot the sh*t with your colleagues..
But then it causes you to crash or wear out completely...
AZOTH’s natural blend of nootropics is designed for those who want to get some serious sh*t done and need maximum productivity.
Not just for 30 minutes, but all day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
*EDIT: great customer service / didn't receive

*EDIT: I ordered a bottle and it never came, but I got in contact with the guys at AZOTH and the fixed it right away, stayed in touch with fast responses and sent me another bottle right away. As for the product its self I tried it today, I could feel more alert and focused but it feels like one of those things where im going to really notice it when im at the full dose and on it for a little bit.

"Ordered, was excited. Followed tracking, it claims it was delivered but it is not in my mailbox. The mail at my house doesn't even run at the time it claims to have been delivered, going to try and get my money back. dissapointing"

Game Changer

"I'll never go a day without Azoth again. I used to slack and drag around when getting up for work and would skip hitting the early morning workouts, but 30-mins after Azoth I've got the energy and motivation to get my a** moving and crush it. Lasts all day long too. Definitely my game changer."

I'm the OG AZOTH user and still use it to this date

"I'm one of the OG guys who went to Yale with Prady when he developed this. Years later, still on Amazon's subscribe and save. This shit is legit and took our school by storm. I have been putting 10-12 hour work days in Here’s my trick. I work out first thing in the morning. Then, I take AZOTH with lunch. Literally, no afternoon groggy/sleepiness. Since the workout keeps me awake in the morning, I’m awake all day. It’s working out great!"

Well researched formula for clean energy and focus without stimulants

"This product has helped me push through the normal "wall" that we hit as working professionals with days that never just run from 9 to 5. I love my coffee but as we all know sometimes coffee just doesn't do the trick, and worse, sometimes it leaves us feeling pretty awful. So how does a supplement help you with energy, focus, mood, productivity etc without any stimulants? As a person that studies supplements religiously, I want to break down the label for any prospective buyers so you can understand exactly what is in the product, and why.

First things first there is a different dosage on the updated version. You can choose between 2 and 4 capsules which I think is a fantastic idea. Some days you need more help than others and being able to adjust the dosages easily is very helpful.

Ashwagandha: A plant used to treat stress. The chemicals it contains are said to have a soothing, sedative feeling on the body. It calms the brain so it can enhance focus and improve mood and has been linked to improved muscle mass and health.

L-Tyrosine: An amino acid that produces dopamine and noradrenaline, used as a destressor, it has some potential cautionary side effects but is deemed safe, and is also a stimulant. It does increase focus and mood which should aid workouts.

Phosphatidylserine: A fat soluble amino acid derivative found in the brain which improves cognitive function by protecting the brain and carrying messages between the cells. It may prevent memory loss and cognitive decline.

Sulbutiamine: Two Thiamine (Vitamin B1) molecules bound together. It has been shown to alleviate fatigue and it has a high absorption rate.

Alpha-GPC: Used for cognitive promoting properties and enhance power output. May support cellular membranes and aid in preventing cognitive decline. It is helpful in delaying fatigue in athletes because it mirrors Choline produced in the liver.

TeaCrine: Containing the alkaloid theacrine, which is similar to caffeine, it is a scientifically back...

AZOTH offers something incredibly powerful.

"AZOTH offers something incredibly powerful. The AZOTH 2.0 keeps my ADD mind focused on tasks.But the Tribe is my favorite part. By joining the AZOTH Tribe you surround yourself with an incredible group of people that want the best for themselves and you.AZOTH has become a critical part of my life as I push myself to new limits."