Superior Ingredients Harvested in their Prime. No Chemicals, Filler, or Cheap Imitations. 
100% Manufactured in America.  Clinically Dosed 5-10x Higher than All Competitors. 
Giving You the Purest, Smoothest Nootropic on the Market. 
  • Whether You’re Building Your First Side-Hustle
  • Dominating Your Workouts
  • Crushing it at Work
  • Or Burning the Midnight Oil to Conquer Your Studies
Uninterrupted  Peak-Productivity and Being "In the Zone” Form the Undisputed Holy Grail of Success.
After all, you can have all the talent, skill, and experience in the world, but if you’re lacking concentration and are feeling burned out, you’re going to fall short. Each time.
This is why we formulated AZOTH 2.0.
AZOTH 2.0 is an easy to swallow, all-natural (vegan) dietary supplement containing 9 nootropic ingredients working in synergy to unleash within you uninterrupted, crash-free focus, motivation, and social confidence that lasts all day and never leaves you hanging.




AZOTH 2.0 Remains the Most Potent Nootropic on the Market, Milligram by Milligram.
The Usual Reaction from 1st Time Customers and Nootropic Veterans is:
"F*** I've never felt like this before!"
One of Our Most Loyal Customers was Actually in Tears His 1st time trying AZOTH.
This is because AZOTH 2.0 is an actual Nootropic - not a caffeine-pill infused with knockoff Chinese herbs and a "Nootropic" label slapped on it.




Coffee can be awesome for times you need a quick “pick me up” or when you’re trying to meet up for a romantic date...or to shoot the sh*t with your colleagues..
But then it causes you to crash or wear out completely...
AZOTH’s natural blend of nootropics is designed for those who want to get some serious sh*t done and need maximum productivity.
Not just for 30 minutes, but all day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews

I've been dabbling in nootropics for the past several years, and have always wanted an all-in-one product that takes care of all the bases for mental performance without having to play around with my own formulas. AZOTH packs quality ingredients in CLINICALLY EFFECTIVE doses, unlike a lot of products out there that sprinkle certain compounds just to claim that they exist in their products. If you look up some prices, Alpha-GPC and phosphatidylserine alone would cost a lot in the amounts that they're included in these bottles.

Even with an effective product to improve productivity, you still need the habits and attitudes that create truly effective individuals - AZOTHa is still just a supplement, that provides a basis for productivity. The Tribe membership, besides the discounted rate for the product, gathers like-minded people and provides an environment for people to share ideas and thoughts, and to cultivate attitudes towards getting things done.

Absolutely amazing product. SERIOUSLY.

Look, I had no pre-requisite knowledge on what Nootropics were. I originally thought it was a scam..yeah marketing gimmick etc.. You know what, with such aggressive marketing I eventually decided to do my own research. Searched up the positives, negatives, if there were any side effects associated with Nootropics. I asked for the opinion of my partner who is a health professional.. and she gave me the green light. There's no information on any negative side effects short or long term. In fact, there were a lot of positive reviews and upsides of taking these natural ingredients.

I decided to try this with a discount code. I loved AZOTH's instagram, their core values, their customer satisfaction standards and the engagement from Prady the CEO.

I won't turn back anymore. The FIRST time I tried it I felt confident, focused and a totally different. Alright...whatever maybe it's a placebo effect. After a few days of testing I could definitely confirm that I felt different. I took these before my sporting competitions and performed well consistently.

Look guys if you want to really get shit done and you're lacking energy, focus or whatever it may be. This is a great product. If you're skeptical, I really urge you to try it before giving an opinion.

I'm on my 2nd bottle now and have signed up for bi-monthly bottles to come in. If anything I would recommend this to my friends to try if they want to get shit done.


Crazy Feeling

This makes me super focused and able to push weights for way longer in the gym. Not to mention it keeps me from taking naps and forces me to actually be productive. Great purchase.

Great customer service and nice product at a good price !

I've talked to the guys at AZOTH and we can see they are hard workers ! Very fast reply and professional !
The products itself is great for a quick boost in focus and helps achieve our tasks along the day !
Feeling more confident for a good price ! Keep it up and get shit done !

*EDIT: great customer service / didn't receive

*EDIT: I ordered a bottle and it never came, but I got in contact with the guys at AZOTH and the fixed it right away, stayed in touch with fast responses and sent me another bottle right away. As for the product its self I tried it today, I could feel more alert and focused but it feels like one of those things where im going to really notice it when im at the full dose and on it for a little bit.

"Ordered, was excited. Followed tracking, it claims it was delivered but it is not in my mailbox. The mail at my house doesn't even run at the time it claims to have been delivered, going to try and get my money back. dissapointing"