• PURE ZYNAMITE® - Instant Crash-Free Energy LIMITED SUPPLY


"Pure Energy contains one of the most exciting ingredients of our time in Zynamite. Although there probably isn’t a single other ingredient that has been studied and published more in such a short time like Zynamite, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first - I’ve been let down more than I care to remember. But, WOW. Zynamite DELIVERS and HOW. When I take it, my mood is a million bucks and if I have this overwhelming desire to be productive. I can’t stop working and I love it. There’s something about the “clean energy” that Zynamite provides that makes this a total gamechanger." -Sammy K.


Pure Energy is an all-natural standalone supplement that contains one powerful ingredient: Zynamite, which is to date the ONLY supplement that is the safer, healthier, and superior alternative to caffeine in effectiveness; making Zynamite the first serious contender to caffeine, ever.

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What's In It?

AZOTH Pure Energy contains one single ingredient, Zynamite:

  • Zynamite® (Mangifera Indica Extract (Mango Leaf Extract Standardized to >60% Mangiferin))) (200 mg) - a patented specialized extract from Mango leaves that has in six (6) human clinical trials shown to exert superior focus, energy, and brain electrical activity to caffeine without any known side-effects because it uses an entirely different pathway than any other energy ingredient to date.
How Should I Use It?

As a dietary supplement, Take (1) one or (2) two capsules as a standalone or with a stack. Can be added to ANY stack for extra energy.

What Will I Feel From Taking It?

  • Strong Surges in Controlled Energy*
  • Enhanced Alertness*
  • Improvement in Mood*
  • Increases in Focus, Clarity, and Concentration*

What Are The Main Features?

  • Works for all ages (18-65+)
  • Only 1 Capsule Required
  • 100% All-Natural
  • Trademarked & scientifically studied ingredients

Can I Stack This With Other AZOTH Products?

Yes! AZOTH Pure Energy - Zynamite is designed to be an excellent Energy Booster to any stack. All of AZOTH’s products are stackable as no ingredients overlap or cancel each other out.’ Check out the following pre-made stacks.

  • The Total Study Stack: This stack is created for those who are burning the midnight oil and need to retain information before a major event. Provides clean, long-lasting focus and boost in learning capacity and memory. Features Total Memory and Total Focus alongside AZOTH 3.0
  • The Silicon Valley Stack: This stack is created for those who are working in high-pressure environments, looking to increase mental stamina, motivation and confidence. Features Pure Energy, alongside Total Memory and AZOTH 3.0
  • The Presidential Stack: If you are an elite level professional, athlete, worker, or gamer and have no room for error, this stack is for you. It combines every single AZOTH product and gives you long lasting, controlled energy, laser-like focus, and recall speed that will leave your competition wondering what you’re on. Combines Total Memory, Total Focus Pure Energy, and AZOTH 3.0


Restore your brain to optimal levels after years of degradation.


Every batch tested in a third-party facility for purity so you can rest assured when you’re using our products or recommending them to your loved ones.


Feel the benefits from the first dose without having to wait for weeks.


Proven Safe & Effective in Human Clinical Trials

The AZOTH Difference means that you trust the products we create are safe and effective for You, with absolutely no exceptions. We ensure the ingredients in our products have passed real, human trials and research studies with flying colors.

Trademarked, Patented Ingredients from World-Class Scientists

The AZOTH Difference means you're getting the most effective ingredients in the world. We only provide You ingredients that are produced by leading scientists in World-Class Ingredients Labs that undergo years of research to achieve perfection.

Every Batch Third-Party Tested

The AZOTH Difference means every product you purchase has been tested by an independent, third-party facility in the United States for potency and purity. Not only that, but we aren't afraid to show you the results of what a No Filler, No Fluff, No Fake Ingredients product looks like.

Customer Reviews

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A Better Chance At Life.

Wow. Another major success for the Azoth brand - A product line you can be proud to stand behind.

I was absolutely floored by how quickly AZOTH PURE ZYNAMITE hit my system within 10 minutes of taking it WITHOUT ANY BAD SIDE EFFECTS. The feeling of Zynamite or Mangiferin can be compared to a surge of sustained euphoria, creativity, positivity and confidence. As a strong believer and practicer of performing arts and yoga - Zynamite could be likened to the opening of a third eye - a spiritual awakening that allows you to see your surroundings for what they truly are and to conquer them in the blink of a moment.

When you're struggling alone to break free of that 'MENTAL FOG' holding you back from accomplishing anything worthwhile, know you can turn to AZOTH PURE ZYNAMITE to help release you from the stress of overcoming an unproductive mind. You will learn to love your work once again and stop feeling bad wasting time trying to.

If you're a parent or graduate student and you read my last post - you know how busy it gets and sleep just seems to waste of hours of productivity. Zynamite has a miracle effect of keeping off that crash you usually get after hyper-focusing for long periods of time. Zynamite has NONE OF THE BAD SIDE EFFECTS of caffeine stimulants like coffee i.e. the instant rush, crash, and hangover that lasts for hours and plagues the rest of your day. After taking Zynamite it will feel like your'e getting a second chance at life and coffee will feel like a walk of shame after any bad decision. You'll want to go to your kitchen and kick that coffee can the the curb...not to mention run to your husband and let him know you've rid yourself of preventable mood swings. Essentially, with this product on the market, the need for caffeine has now become obsolete.

In case you just came across supplements and nootropics and don't know much about them, Azoth's products are organically ranked some of the best products on Amazon and I'm sure Zynamite will be too. I assume from reading copious reviews that it's due to the strength & purity of naturally sourced premium ingredients from around the world.

The guys at Team Azoth clearly put so much thought into this product from the ingredients to the informative packaging. Not only do they visit their vendors, but they also get third-party testing to ensure quality control. Most people take prescribed medication without questioning the ingredients or the long-term effects on their bodies, but it's refreshing that these natural Azoth products provide total transparency.

As someone who is super selective about the quality of my food and where it comes from, I really appreciate this added touch. The Azoth team also built an entire support network or 'tribe' around their product and are available 24/7 for any questions so it's safe to say you will also have reliable a resource to turn to should you have additional questions about how to use their product and even how to assess nootropics and supplements in general.

Their new supplement releases just keep getting better. I've tried so many supplements and it's official, these are definitely the ones to trust.

Hope this helps all of you on the fence about trying AZOTH products find what you are seeking!

- Natalie