• AZOTH 3.0 - TOTAL BRAIN HEALTH - Improve Confidence, Mood, Motivation, & Drive

AZOTH 3.0 - TOTAL BRAIN HEALTH - Improve Confidence, Mood, Motivation, & Drive

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Stress, poor diets, too much caffeine, a lack of sleep, among the countless other common environmental factors we face today can leave our brains functioning at suboptimal levels. Although subtle at first, this can lead to an increase of brain fog, a poor outlook on life, loss of interest in your favorite activities, followed by fatigue and lethargy that never just seems to subside. AZOTH 3.0 is our third generation brain health supplement that contains natural ingredients designed to restore and optimize your brain to its highest state of readiness and wellbeing. Over 50,000+ users have reported that consistent use of AZOTH has reversed their chronic fatigue and brain fog, returned their interest in daily activities, and surged their levels of enthusiasm about life once again. AZOTH 3.0 is the latest, new and improved version of the AZOTH line of supplements which have sold over 1M bottles worldwide since 2018.


Restore your brain to optimal levels after years of degradation


We’ve tested every batch in a third-party facility for purity so you can rest assured when you’re using our products or recommending them to your loved ones.


Feel the benefits from the first dose without having to wait for weeks.


Proven Safe & Effective in Human Clinical Trials

The AZOTH Difference means that you trust the products we create are safe and effective for You, with absolutely no exceptions. We ensure the ingredients in our products have passed real, human trials and research studies with flying colors.

Trademarked, Patented Ingredients from World-Class Scientists

The AZOTH Difference means you're getting the most effective ingredients in the world. We only provide You ingredients that are produced by leading scientists in World-Class Ingredients Labs that undergo years of research to achieve perfection.

Every Batch Third-Party Tested

The AZOTH Difference means every product you purchase has been tested by an independent, third-party facility in the United States for potency and purity. Not only that, but we aren't afraid to show you the results of what a No Filler, No Fluff, No Fake Ingredients product looks like.

Customer Reviews

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Jenny D.
Works FAST

Started using this product about 2 weeks ago and wasn’t sure I’d notice results but something does seem to be helping with focus and clarity. I’m guess these mushrooms are definitely helping. Will continue to use, but so far so good!!!

John T.
Best nootropic ever

"Azoth 2.0 is the best nootropic ever. Can't wait for 3.0!"

Leah S.
Works well when taken as described

I just finished a whole bottle of this but I spread it out for about 3 months. New to this product and all nootropics. In using this product I have noticed a subtle steady continuous energy and/or motivation as I go throughout my day. It works well so long as I take it as described, with a light meal that includes some fat. I usually do MCT oil in my protein shakes and when I do this it work very well. You can also take it with an avocado or some salmon. I forget words a lot which is really annoying, but sometimes they come to me easier if I've been taking this. Especially when I double up on them (take 2 instead of my normal,1) Best not to take it within 5 hours of bedtime however because sometimes it can motivate me to do other things than sleeping. I make sure to double up on days I go to martial arts, so I learn things quicker and my teacher doesn't yell at me as much.

Flow State, Increased Confidence, Massive Results

As an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for ways to optimize my life and performance.
I've tried a few different nootropic stacks before discovering Azoth, and this by far has had the best effect.

I feel at the top of my game. It's not just the focus/concentration, I have such an increase in confidence because I'm able to bring the exact ideas and words I need. It's like I'm in a constant state of flow.

Matt L.
Quality ingredients

Feel like the value here is pretty solid relative to other nootropics with similar ingredients. They don't skimp on the dosage and they're very transparent about that. I usually take just one capsule, which is a fraction of the serving size, and I feel switched on. For me, the effect is that I'm more locked in to my work (in a good way) and less interested in distractions. I mainly use it for productivity as a substitute for going bonkers on caffeine.