• THE PRESIDENTIAL STACK Includes Every Product! SOLD OUT (Pre-Order Below)  (60 Total Brain + 15 Total Focus + 30 Total Memory + 30 Pure Energy)

THE PRESIDENTIAL STACK Includes Every Product! SOLD OUT (Pre-Order Below) (60 Total Brain + 15 Total Focus + 30 Total Memory + 30 Pure Energy)

Whether you’re a hungry professional trying to reach the pinnacle of your career, or a star athlete looking to have your name etched in the Hall of Fame, you cannot afford any mistakes or to waste any time.

You’re a perfectionist and need flawless execution; you need to get to work and you need results, now.

For Those Who Run Everything

One Bottle Each Of:

  1. AZOTH 3.0 - Total Brain
  2. Total Focus
  3. Total Memory
  4. Pure Energy - Zynamite

For you, we’ve handcrafted the Presidential Stack, which is our most premium & elite stack, which combines each of our products, working together in synergy to unleash VIP level focus, confidence, motivation, speed, and energy unlike ever seen before.

The Presidential Stack is the only stack ever brought to the market that combines 4 trademarked ingredients, support from 500+ studies, 5 industry awards, and 12 nootropic ingredients working in synergy.

Stack Dosage: Combine the individual Recommended Dosages on each product label. See "How Should I Use It?" section below.

$79.95 $149.95
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What's Products are in the Stack?

The Presidential Stack contains All 4 AZOTH products:

  • AZOTH 3.0 - Total Brain for Motivation, Confidence, and a Positive, Winner’s Outlook on Life
  • Total Focus for Intense Focus lasting 6+ hours
  • Total Memory for Memory Recall and Processing Speed
  • Pure Energy the world’s only for Instant, Crash-Free Energy
How Should I Use It?

As a dietary supplement, Take two (2) capsules AZOTH 3.0, one (1) capsule of Total Focus, one (1) capsule of Pure Energy, and one (1) capsule of Total Memory. Assess tolerance before moving to four (4) capsules of AZOTH 3.0, two (2) capsules of Total Focus, two (2) capsules of Pure Energy, and two (2) capsules of Total Memory.

What Will I Feel From Taking It?

  • Boost in Motivation, Confidence & Drive*
  • Heightened Sense of Awareness & Focus*
  • Increased Levels of Energy and Mental Sharpness*
  • Faster Processing Speed & Learning*
  • Increases in Mood & Motivation To Complete New Challenges*
  • Decreased Fatigue & Low Energy to Get the Job Done*

What Are The Main Features?

  • Effects noticeable within minutes
  • Only 5 Capsules Required
  • 4 Patented Ingredients
  • Works Synergistically
  • No Crash, No Jitters
  • All 4 products designed to be taken at the same time


Restore your brain to optimal levels after years of degradation. HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARDS

Every batch tested in a third-party facility for purity so you can rest assured when you’re using our products or recommending them to your loved ones.


Feel the benefits from the first dose without having to wait for weeks.


Proven Safe & Effective in Human Clinical Trials

The AZOTH Difference means that you trust the products we create are safe and effective for You, with absolutely no exceptions. We ensure the ingredients in our products have passed real, human trials and research studies with flying colors.

Trademarked, Patented Ingredients from World-Class Scientists

The AZOTH Difference means you're getting the most effective ingredients in the world. We only provide You ingredients that are produced by leading scientists in World-Class Ingredients Labs that undergo years of research to achieve perfection.

Every Batch Third-Party Tested

The AZOTH Difference means every product you purchase has been tested by an independent, third-party facility in the United States for potency and purity. Not only that, but we aren't afraid to show you the results of what a No Filler, No Fluff, No Fake Ingredients product looks like.

Customer Reviews

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Efficient and laser focused

Helps in getting focused and staying focused, phenomenal product!

Timothy L.
Entrepreneur Help

Helps me get focused, stay focused, and get through the daily grind and struggle of being a business owner!

Eduardo S.I.
Laser Focused

I get more done in a day than I used to in a week!