The Great Are Alone, Never Lonely.

As You Venture On The Path Of Self-Improvement, You’ll Have Less Common With the Average Man and Woman. Revel In that Fact.

I take pride in being massively invested in those who invest in AZOTH. Getting to know many of the 50,000+ customers who have purchased AZOTH personally, has led me to understand that all of them, no matter their background, share a single mission:

Upgrading their lives and taking extreme ownership of their own destinies.

My message to all of you reading this is simple:

No matter what, just keep going.

For as you venture on the path of self-improvement, there will come a point when you look from one side to the other and notice that there is nobody there alongside you.

Internally motivated, real, self-improvement will lead you to a point of having less things in common with those around you.

Becoming mentally and physically strong will make you uninterested in the common.

  • What most flock to you’ll want to avoid.
  • What most enjoy you’ll find no satisfaction in.
  • Where the willpower of the common crumbles, yours will remain standing like a wall erect.

Now, there might come a time where this might bother you, like a gnawing pain deep in your stomach telling you that you not fitting in is a curse and not a blessing.

I’m here to tell you:

Ignore those pains and trudge alone proudly with unapologetic surgical precision.

Become used to being alone in your actions and thoughts and welcome being different with open arms.

The more things you have in common with average men the more average you will be.

The fact that you’re feeling these emotions is not a matter to fret, but is a badge of honor that you can take with you to your grave.

But, it won’t be easy.

The average will try their best to pull you back in at the first sign of you breaking off into an improved lifestyle. Their ability to pull you back in will bring them comfort.

Internal motivation is the key to weeding out the bullshit behavior of the common, soft, comfortable man. You will recognize the bullshit behavior and conversations, I don’t need to specify what they are.

Tune them out, ignore the desire for comfort, and always remember why you do what you do.

You’ll become good at it.

For when it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to admit

That the hard way tends to be the better way.

For his might not be the path you’ve chosen, but it’s definitely the one that chose you.

So why shierk away, when it’s your time to think big?

Here’s Your Challenge for the Week:

“All we have in this life is the legacy we leave behind.”

  1. Take a long at yourself look in the mirror.
  2. Literally get up and do it.
  3. Own that feeling — Don’t shy away.
  4. Whether it be good or bad, use it as fuel for the internal fire that guides you.

Again, in that mirror, nobody is there alongside you. You know what must be done.

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
The Enlightened Millennial Podcast
CEO & Founder

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