Until You Find What Sets Your Soul on Fire, You’ll Always Have a Motivation Problem.

A Note on AZOTH & What We Really Do: Our Role as a Catalyst & a Bridge to Finding Your Real Purpose.

Every order ever shipped from AZOTH included a handwritten note from me. 50,000+ deep. This is the AZOTH way.

People who ask me or anyone to motivate them, don’t get it. I am not a motivational speaker. We at AZOTH don’t motivate you.

Neither is our Podcast, The Enlightened Millennial, that racks up close to 20,000+ downloads per episode or our IG Lives that get watched by thousands every week, designed to motivate. [Note, EM has an “explicit” rating from Apple and is NSFW if you choose to click the link above.]

But it’s not only our content that won’t motivate you.

Neither can GaryVee, or Tony Robbins, or any of your favorite Guru change your life by inviting you to a $5K seminar telling you to give each other high fives and yelling “ Yes, we can” in a run down Sheraton Hotel smelling like dirty carpets with 500 other losers.

Everyone’s vying to tell you what your dream should be and what you should be motivated to do — your teachers, your coaches, sometimes your parents, or worse yet — Hollywood and the mainstream media.

But until you find out what sets your own soul on fire every single day yourself, until then you’ll always have a motivation problem.

You’ll always struggle to give it 110% percent on Friday night when the biggest rap star is in your town for a concert and your friends want you to get wasted, when you haven’t eaten for hours and your stomach churns, when people call you a total piece of shit and ruthlessly walk out of your life, or when you get sick, tired, and totally debilitated left alone in a garbage dumpster to die by yourself.

So what do we do at AZOTH? Isn’t our entire existence to motivate you to get “shit done?”

No. I want you to get this. It’s important to me that you do. So important that I pulled over the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire to write this in lieu of our weekly recap.

At AZOTH, we act as both a catalyst and a bridge.

That’s what we do.

That’s what the AZOTH Tribe is, that’s what our best-selling Nootropic is, a catalyst. A catalyst that helps spark in you an internal dialogue about who you really are, and what you really should be doing with your life, and a subsequent bridge that harnesses that newfound purpose and disciplines it into insane levels of productivity so you can make that purpose actually come true. You know, actually live that shit and not dream about it.

That’s what leaders do. This is what people who truly care about you do. They help provide perspective and stimulus for you to figure out your own vision, and if they’re real legends, they’ll help you provide a platform for that vision to materialize.
But they don’t hijack your dreams. They don’t tell you what to do. That’s on you. They give you freedom. They don’t restrict it. They’re comfortable not only with who you are today, but also with who you will become tomorrow.

So many of you have been around emotional vampires all your life that you can’t even distinguish between those who care for you, and those who’re scamming you of your time, energy, and money. We can’t teach you this. You’ll have to ultimately develop a gut instinct for whose real and who is a leech. Learn to trust it. With time, you’ll get good at it.

We tested AZOTH 2.0 183 times before it came to existence with the goal to give anyone using insane levels of productivity so they can do the shit they’re meant to do without any interruptions. [Read our Founding Story Here]

We then built the AZOTH tribe as a way to connect you to others using the product who are ruthlessly pursuing their own vision, and to educate and inform about the work of other greats, by providing you access to over 200+ E-books (and growing), seminars, lectures, and other materials as a MASSIVE stimulus to get you finding your purpose.

But, we did not stop there.

We added our newsletter that sets out to motivate 2,000+ people every week and counting and set a new standard for what newsletters should really be about supplement industry.

This is what AZOTH is about.

This is what what sets our soul on fire each and every day.

Because this vision is truly ours, there is no one else.

There is no supplement company that offers this.

And it’s why we can’t and couldn’t be stopped,

Even after dozens of attempts to take us down.

But, now it’s your turn.

Will you live the rest of your life vicariously or pull up your boots and fearlessly work towards fulfilling your purpose?

If you decide that it’s your time, you can count on us to be in your corner.

Every step of the way.


This is the way of man.

This, my friends, is AZOTH.

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Prady Tewarie
The Enlightened Millennial Podcast
CEO & Founder

This Newsletter is brought to you by AZOTH, a productivity-driven nootropic supplement company dedicated to enhancing human productivity, optimizing peak mental performance, and pushing the boundaries of human potential. Find out more here.

Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

Ps. You can now Text “TRIBE” to 484848 (US Only) to talk directly to us about the Tribe or getting your bottle of AZOTH. . No URLS, No loading speeds, or crazy browsers ruining your day or clogging your phone. We got your back. The AZOTH way. — -

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