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Until You Find What Sets Your Soul on Fire, You’ll Always Have a Motivation Problem.

A Note on AZOTH & What We Really Do: Our Role as a Catalyst & a Bridge To to Finding Your Real Purpose.Every order ever shipped from AZOTH included a handwritten note from me. 50,000+ deep. This is the AZOTH way.People who ask me or anyone to motivate them, don’t get it. I am not a motivational speaker. We at AZOTH don’t motivate you.Neither is our Podcast, The Enlightened Millennial, that racks...

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The Measure of a Man is What He Does With His Independence

Engrained in us from our days in middle school is this concept that our self-worth should be tied with how many people we sit next to on our lunch table. Even though we stop being 12-year olds, most of us keep buying into this lunch table mentality like it’s the gospel well into adulthood. Sorry to break it to you, but middle school is over. Life is not a poularity contest, and no one gives a...

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