Fortune Favors The Bold: Why You Must Be Ruthless In Your Pursuit For Greatness

Fortune Favors The Bold: Why Being a Trailblazer Is The Only Guarantee For Massive Success

Your Mental Point of Origin is Sacred. Protect it At All Costs.

By Prady Tewarie — AZOTH Monday Newsletter

Fortune Favors The Bold. Ruthlessly Own Your Shit: Your Mental Point of Origin is Sacred.

We started this newsletter less than a 100 days ago and we stand thousands strong today.

We started this new iteration of the CEO’s Desk 100 days ago, and we’ve grown to over 2,250+ from scratch.

(Yes, admittedly one of the reasons we’ve grown is because while we sell one of the fastest-growing nootropics on the planet, this newsletter doesn’t try to sell you anything. It’s for you to keep. An amalgam of experiences that transform into a playbook we call “life.”)

But, like any seasoned marketer (at least in private) will tell you, width by itself is a useless metric.

What matters is depth.

How deeply are you touching the people you care about?

What impact are you are having on their daily lives?

Will they miss you when you’re gone?

So, when we started getting daily messages from our subscribers engaging with our content, we knew we were on to something. We took it on ourselves to directly engage with our readers through offering bi-monthly Zoom Webinars where we discussed the content in our newsletters directly with our readers. (Yes, all of us from Team AZOTH are on the video call, to talk to you and answer your questions.)

Recently, we held a webinar around the newsletter I released, “FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM” (it’s here in case you missed it.)

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One of the questions asked was one that directly spoke to me:

“Prady, you speak about having options and creating a life of full freedom. This resonates with me. But how exactly do you get there? Can you give me a step-by-step plan?

I stopped for a bit.

What the question was really about is the deciphering and transition from principle to action.

The question itself seems intuitive.

Or mass media tells us it should be.

Walk past a supermarket aisle or scroll through your social media feed and you’ll see titles like:

  1. Scale your Company to XXX by using this ad strategy…
  2. Grow the Greatest Physique on Planet earth in these Easy Steps…
  3. Flip Homes in these easy steps (yes, there will be some complicated ™ name to the course) and become a Passive Income Multi-Millionaire…

We have come to expect play-by-play action steps, deeply conditioned from our school days when mommy and daddy told us exactly what to do in order to be a “good kid” or Ms. Sally from Middle School told us how to color our coloring book so we could get a gold star.

Here’s the problem though:

Advice, or actionable advice that yields “any real, immediate results” is limited by a saturation point that takes a hard stop at the average;

The good kid, the decent student, the OK athlete who made it to the varsity team, the average millennial in debt, the middle-aged man or woman stuck in a boring marriage with a white picket fence.

This is because actionable advice that yields quick results that are applicable to anyone, in any time, space, and geographic location can never be advice that creates the next leader of men, or forges the next individual who forever rewrites history.

Because if it would, it wouldn’t be freely available.

Who the fuck are we kidding?

Let’s put it this way:

  1. When was the last time you bought a course on How to Run FB Ads by “E-COM KINGS” and you actually became marketing multi-millionaire?
  2. When did the last seminar on Bitcoin or stock market investing turn you or anyone into Warren Buffet?
  3. Did listening to some Real Estate Guru make you the next biggest developer and gave you this massive financial freedom like the promo reels claim you to be?

No. Anyone that tells you those plans work will tell you they’ll help you get a fundamental grasp on the subject matter, but the program by itself did not turn them or anyone into the next pioneer.

Watch Video “How to Sell 4,000 Courses”

Listen to Full Podcast (NSFW)

But then again, am I stating the obvious?

Isn’t it strange that a 22-year-old kid on Instagram who claims he has the secret that can make you millions a year is selling that secret for a puny $2,000 and bullying you into buying the program if he could just use it himself and become a millionaire?

That 90%+ of motivational speakers who lecture us on how to crush it in business make 90%+ of their income from seminars and have never started a successful company apart from their public speaking business?

Wouldn’t they want to use their secret tactics for themselves if it worked so well and turn themselves into the greatest thing known to man?


Because even they know that the blueprint to becoming massively successful is an individual, hard-fought path — a path that cannot be taught by following some rules in a PDF or a Kajabi course.

I’ll keep it real here:

Solely buying courses and following rules hoping to immediately hit the jackpot is counterintuitive to massive success,

Because those who write history and make 1% wealth get there by precisely by taking a glorious piss on these and completely ripping them to ashes.

They are trailblazers.

When Travis created Uber he couldn’t hit up an MBA professor on LinkedIn for step-by-step help. There was no such thing as a ride-sharing platform in the world. As a matter of fact, that word didn’t even exist in the dictionary at the time. Uber is worth over $120B. He changed the way we transport people forever.

When Christopher Columbus set out to discover the New World, he couldn’t call up his homies for step-by-step route guidance.

When Newton came up with the theory of Gravity, he couldn’t double-check that with the cutie from physics class or some homeboy on IG through the DMs with #WorldTraveler in his bio. No one had ever heard of the concept before and thought he was fucking nuts. Newton is one of the most influential scientists known to mankind.

But, here you are, thinking that some course that literally anyone can access and has been regurgitated 5000 times will make you the next Alexander The Great.

You are delusional. Or, I’ll be honest. You are scared.

And that’s normal.

When all these scientists and know-betters try to pinpoint why being part of the 1% is so hard, they should look at this:

Anything that threatens our safety signals death. Death is scary.

We’re wired to avoid it.

Instinctually, it’s safer doing what everyone has done.

Realistically, it’s safer to be the better option.

Realistically, it’s downright lethal to be only.

And in this lies the great paradox of mankind.

By following social cues, you might be safe.

But you won’t be great.

While man tries to pursue both,

Man soon realizes that

Safety and greatness remain diametrically opposed.

The safe man follows a framework.

The Great Man sets the framework for his fellow man to follow and in doing so risks his very survival.

How far do you want to go? This is the question you must ask yourself.

At AZOTH we had this conversation early on, and the resounding decision taken was that we want to take everything.

We wanted to be so good, that we would be the only ones doing what we’re doing.

Part of that was our incessant drive to provide more value to You, our customer.

The other part was knowing that we’ll never scale AZOTH to be one of the most remarkable companies in the space by following what others have done. It’s just not going to happen. We’ll have to forge our own path, or we might end up being a six-figure business that pays our bills, but we’ll never be pioneers.

This is why we’re obsessed with doing things out of the box. Whether it’s this newsletter that goes on for 10 pages, our balls to the wall podcast, our tribe calls, you name it. We don’t do it just so we can be different, we do it because it’s the only way we’d have it.

[Read: Be Only, Not Better]

The problem, as our CMO Jon will attest to, is that we’re often left scratching our heads for answers. No one has done this shit before, so we have no fucking idea what will stick and there’s a massive risk of blowing through all the cash, and dying. We do it anyway.

Why? Because when we create our own framework, we operate in our own strong frame.

All great men and women I’ve met share this trait.

It’s a trait that anyone who wants to achieve “next-level” success should at least try to adopt.

What is it?

Or better yet, what is the absence of it?

I’ll answer this here, because it’s a more useful answer than me providing a play-by-play guide on how to be successful like many want me to do.


Having no frame means waiting for an external person or event to create context and automatically subscribing to that external context.

l mean creating context and letting other people join you in your version of context; your interpretation of reality.

Let’s make it simple: A girl walks by. Someone with weak frame waits for the right context to just happen, so he can, through the magical and mystical mechanisms of the universe, effortlessly skip the awkward approach and immediately connect to her.

In Disney movies, this typically happens when said girl walks by and just so drops her books, so the guy can come help her pick up the scattered books from the ground, they lock eyes and are instantly connected thanks to destiny’s unicorn powers. (An even more improbable situation in which the girl approaches the guy will not be discussed here.)

Weak people wait for the context to be created, and thus are framed by external events and other people.

They are passive framers: they don’t want to share their context and happily accept any external context.

When something bad like an accident happens, most people freeze and wait for someone else to do something (bystander effect). They wait for the right person to appear and to act so that he can create context and give commands, not realizing that they themselves are the right person in that situation. People with weak frame are afraid of being judged by others and refrain from doing anything out of fear of making mistakes, especially in stressful situations. They freeze and don’t want to share their context.

A guy with strong frame acts and by acting he lets the bystanders enter his reality (e.g. “Call 911!”) as if it were the most normal and only logical thing to do in that situation, which it literally is.

An active framer creates context. A passive framer is being framed by the context created by active framers.

Whenever a passive framer enters a room full of people, he might feel uncomfortable about being judged, feeling their looks on his skin, observing everyone in his surroundings constantly. He shuts down any display of his interpretation of reality, out of fear to be judged.

He compares himself to everyone in the room. He is afraid of making mistakes and by this makes the biggest mistake of them all. He passively waits for someone else to make the first step, to crack a joke, make a comment about the weather or do something else to interrupt the awkwardness.

Likewise, the passive framer, out of fear that his unique perspective, preferences and thus his context is somehow flawed, autistically subscribes to external contexts.

He listens only to what his peers listen to, likes only the latest movies celebrated by critics and the public, dresses up in a boring way and casually like everybody else, buys the latest iPhones, Juul, AirPods or Herschel backpacks, posts on Facebook, uses Snapchat and Instagram, subscribes to mainstream opinions regarding politics or religion just because this what is expected of someone in this day and age.

The active framer, by contrast, enters a room full of people and lets his interpretation of reality flow outward. He doesn’t feel the need to compare himself to other people, he doesn’t feel the looks of whoever looks at him (well, maybe if it is in his own interest to compare himself to others or if it is relevant to know who looks at him).

He doesn’t really feel the awkwardness of the room since this would mean he passively subscribes to the context of other people.

What does he do? It doesn’t matter really.

He does whatever he thinks is adequate for the situation. He might just sit down and enjoy the silence, start to take action or not, he might crack a joke or not, he might make a comment on a piece of clothing of his neighbor or not or start talking to that girl as if it was the most normal and only logical thing to do in that situation, which it literally is.

In doing so, he broadcasts a strong frame that says “I don’t give a fuck about what you think of me, this is how I think things are done.

Why is Frame important?

We’ve touched upon it here on our newsletter with brutal repetition:

If you don’t adopt a philosophy, a way of doing things,

You naturally fall in the order laid by others.

There is no vacuum in which there is a void.

The void gets filled by you,

Or by society’s conditioning of what the void should be.

The choice is yours.

I will admit that the latter option is more comforting. And it’s yours for the taking.

There is an average paycheck, a white picket fence, a college loan literally waiting for you.

Wait, is that another pre-approved credit card in the mail?

But, I write this because I get our audience.

I get you.

Those using our nootropic, those reading this newsletter, those who come in contact with everything that AZOTH does and flows from it,

Are those who don’t want to sit by and watch their favorite sports team perform,

But are planning ways to buy the entire team.

Are those who are willing to work 100+ hours a week

To avoid working a lifetime as a slave,

But choosing this path demands you create your own frame.

Does this mean that you cannot seek advice from your fellow tribe members?

That everything we do here is moot?

That every teaching is baseless?

Far from it.

It means that those you respect can provide you with the general principles on how to lead the life you aspire,

But, that to etch the blueprint of that playbook,

Ultimately depends on you,

And you alone.

Be merciless in your pursuit.

Revel in being the only.

This is the way of man.

This Is AZOTH.

Archimedes once said, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.I say,I make my own place to stand. Refuse me that place and I will take it by force!

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
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CEO & Founder

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

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