Why You Must Do It All For Yourself: Ps. No One is Coming For You.

Why You Must Do It All For Yourself: Ps. No One is Coming For You

Your Willingness To Fit in is Killing Your Dreams. Take Ownership of Your Own Happiness.

The large majority of information on my blog here at AZOTH focuses on behaviors, activities, traits, and ways to develop those traits, that do one very significant thing:

Make you more powerful.

But if you look just beneath the surface, the content we post (my man Jesse is crushing the IG game for us) and that I write for AZOTH is about something more, it’s is about being happy. It’s really a collection of thoughts, essays, and theories about how to be happy as a man or a woman. Actually happy. Happy. Not just content, like a fat video game addict jerking off to porn and drinking beer. Not just not sad, like a henpecked married guy going through the motions. Actually happy.

Happy. Successful, proud of your life, eager to wake up in the morning, confident about the future, happy.

Why all this focus on power, then? Because we don’t live alone on a private island. We interact with other people. Other people can help us be happier, or they can stand in our way. And the one thing all humans share is their love of things that are powerful.

People treat powerful people better than they treat average or non powerful people. People help powerful people. People want to see powerful people succeed. People want to be friends with powerful people, latch on to them, enjoy the ride that is their life. People like powerful people.

But, there’s a slight twist: thinking about this newsletter or any of the quotes we’re posting daily as a path toward becoming more powerful is a bit of a disservice. Because it makes it all sound like a song and dance. A show. Like something we’re doing to get noticed. And in many cases, especially for newbies new to our content, that’s exactly the case.

A newbie will read a pile of material, and it will click. He’ll think to himself, “Holy shit! That’s the reason my job/marriage/relationship/friendships suck. I’m barely a man. I need to lift weights, stop taking shit from people, start doing constructive and interesting hobbies, get a powerful job, and start talking shit like I’m Gordon Gekko or ‘Lil Wayne at a rap battle.”

But our example man misses a critical point. Women still shun him and his friends think he’s annoying, and his co-workers still think he’s a cuck.

Because he struts around all day talking about how hard he’s working out, how healthy he’s eating, and makes sure everyone knows that he just built a deck himself and is currently rebuilding his transmission. After all, people are supposed to be attracted to those who do this shit, right? But it doesn’t “work.”Everybody’s annoyed at him and thinks he’s an ass, and they still treat him like a loser, because they know he’s doing it for them.

A newcomer to AZOTH is excited. He’s learning so much, doing so much, feeling so much better. He wants to talk about it. It’s interesting to him. Exciting. It’s hard to just shut up and do shit.

And there’s the problem. A man who’s doing that shit for others, hoping to impress them, is a slave. A monkey. A clown. An entertainer trying to dance and put on a show, hoping for the support and validation of his audience. Nobody has sex with clowns. Nobody hires and promotes clowns. Nobody wants to see a clown succeed.

The huge majority of your powerful life is going to be completely invisible to everyone. Nobody will notice 99 percent of what you do. You can have your ducks in a row, your shit in gear, and your life can be powerful, and nobody will know about 99 percent of that except for you.

So if doing powerful shit isn’t going to impress anybody, why do it? Stupid question. You do it because being powerful its own reward. Being powerful changes you. It changes your walk, your talk, and how you perceive the world. It changes what’s important to you. Being powerful won’t make everybody love you. 99.9 percent of the world won’t even know you’re powerful. But being powerful will make you confident enough to not care, because you know you have your shit together. You’re happy with your life, eager to get up in the morning, and confident about the future.

That girl across the bar? She doesn’t know you’re powerful. But you do. You know you can walk over to her, talk to her, and spark her interest, and if she’s a bitch, then you talk to that other girl four seats over instead. You know they’re just women, and sex is just sex, and you have a great life with or without them. And when you talk to them, it won’t be about how powerful you are. You won’t tell them shit about your life. It’s not your job to entertain them or make them happy. It’s your job to entertain and please yourself. And their job to do the same for themselves.

You’re never truly free until you abdicate all responsibility for anybody else’s happiness, and stop doing anything for anybody else. Nobody else cares if you’re happy. If you don’t take responsibility for your own happiness, nobody will. All of this lifting and self-improvement, and becoming more powerful, successful, and self-aware, and what-not — that’s not something you do for girls, or for your boss, or for your parents. That’s something you do for you.

Here’s the kicker: You do not earn respect simply by respecting others. You earn respect by respecting you. It’s counter-intuitive.

But, but, Prady, how do I avoid getting hurt?

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Frame this shit and memorize it: You can only get hurt if you expect something in return. You got hurt in the past because you gave something away and expected some degenerate to give you something equal in return. Stop doing that shit. Problem solved, for life.

I’m giving you a cure, not a temporary fix.

But make sure you get this: Respecting yourself doesn’t mean being a reckless cunt and treating others like garbage. Quite the opposite, you treat others with dignity and respect without expecting anything in return, because that’s who you are, and not because it’s transactional and you’re expecting anything from them in return. You have yourself, and you are the only source of validation. If people give back, that’s a bonus, not an expectation.

By being a man who puts himself first and makes himself the source of his own validation, the whole world bends at the knee and chases after you, trying to win your validation. Everyone else is so fucking needy and emotionally unstable, while you’re busy respecting yourself instead. That rubs everyone funny, not just women, or your investors, or your teachers. That makes people respect you.

Your job is to be a man that raises others up. That raises the value of everyone in the room just by being there. To be the man that every company wants to promote, every woman wants to fuck, and every man wants to be.

Your job is to be a man that raises others up. That raises the value of everyone in the room just by being there. To be the man that every company wants to promote, every woman wants to fuck, and every man wants to be.

This, my friends, is AZOTH.

Strength & Honor,
Prady Tewarie

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
The Enlightened Millennial Podcast
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