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You Don’t Need Greater Resources. You Need Greater Endurance.

Endurance alone is power ultimate, so endure. To live is to fight, for this world is but a hurricane of challenges all aimed at you. If it ever becomes too much, if you get down on your life, you will look for encouragement externally. But you won’t find it. For unless you’re in a tribe of most die hard killers, most people make the appearance that they want the best for you, that they...

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Work Harder. No One Gives a F*CK.

Success Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings: Work Harder, No One Cares.Society Lied To You. No One Really Cares.To win in life is a constant fight, for every part of your existence will fight you. Success requires breaking social conventions, but your body isn’t designed to serve your goals.Your mind doesn’t give a shit that you want to be the CEO of a Fortune-500 company, or that you want to be a...

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