• Work Harder. No One Gives a F*CK.

April 12, 2019

Success Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings: Work Harder, No One Cares.

Society Lied To You. No One Really Cares.

To win in life is a constant fight, for every part of your existence will fight you. Success requires breaking social conventions, but your body isn’t designed to serve your goals.

Your mind doesn’t give a shit that you want to be the CEO of a Fortune-500 company, or that you want to be a pro athlete, or start a $100M startup. Our bodies are designed to survive and as social animals, breaking social conventions means putting our very existence at risk. For in evolutionary terms, being cut off from social conventions meant living outside the tribe — foregoing a steady flow of food, water, and shelter and likely risking death.

It should come to no surprise that the path of least resistance, the one keeps you within the tribe will flood your body with a slew of positive emotions, emotions so strong, that you’ll often need to be completely delusional to go reject them.

Being a “yes man,” avoiding conflict, not asking questions, refusing to speak up against authority, eating garbage food, sleeping in, procrastinating, consuming mindless fake news, being physically inactive, settling for average people who are most “like you”, playing video games, “blending in,” and the likes flood our bodies with dopamine regardless of the fact that all of these things keep us average; but that’s beside the fact for they keep us “alive.”

Ironically, the activities that flood our bodies with negative emotions — pain, fear, discomfort, anxiety, depression — are the ones that bring us closer to our goals. Studying all night will cause your head to hurt and your eyes to burn, eating bland chicken breast and waking up at 6 AM to hit the stairs will feel painful, starting a new business without industry experience will cause anxiety, going to failure on each set will cause your body to drown in pain-inducing lactic acid, and daring to take a different path than those of your peers will often cause you to be ridiculed and mocked.

But if you want to thrive, you must break free from these slavish emotions and come to terms with the fact that the more anxious, pain-laden, difficult, and uncomfortable something feels — the more likely it will lead you to the royal road of success.

Does taking that step give you anxiety, and cause fear? Go for it.

Does starting that business seem uncomfortable and flood you with fear? Start it.

Does that meal plan make your body feel disgust? Get ‘em.

Does your life choice likely cause you to be a social outcast? Consider going for it.

This is the difference between winners and losers. Winners embrace pain and go towards it, knowing that it is a stepping stone for greatness. Losers retreat, and run away from the pain, thinking that the pain is an indicator that their decision is the “wrong one” not realizing that the “feel good” emotions are designed to protect you from failure, but also take you away from success.

Losers will say –“but at least I lived.” But what is your life if you are a slave to the opinion of others and to rules created by society? Such people died the day they were born. What life do they speak of?



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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

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