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We Haven’t Sold A Single Supplement, but we’re one of America’s fastest growing Nootropic Companies

Navigating the Crazy, Unregulated World of Dietary Supplements & Crushing The Nootropic Niche For our first run of products in 2017, we couldn’t afford more than 144 bottles. As of February 2019, we own the factory producing our products. As I go through my inbox each week, I get over three dozen or more people tell me: “Prady, AZOTH is hands down the strongest nootropic out there, but man, isn’t it...

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Let’s Talk Nootropics — What are Nootropics? A Primer

AZOTH 2.0 — One of the Fastest Selling Nootropics. In the modern day, the supplement world is packed full of powders, formulas, super focus and hyper energy one a day capsules. The products are snapped up as a result of effective marketing and promotion, making fortunes for brands, only for them to disappear a short time later having made a quick buck. The makeup of these products and their potential...

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