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We Haven’t Sold A Single Supplement, but we’re one of America’s fastest growing Nootropic Companies

Navigating the Crazy, Unregulated World of Dietary Supplements & Crushing The Nootropic Niche For our first run of products in 2017, we couldn’t afford more than 144 bottles. As of February 2019, we own the factory producing our products. As I go through my inbox each week, I get over three dozen or more people tell me: “Prady, AZOTH is hands down the strongest nootropic out there, but man, isn’t it...

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Can Nootropics Help Strength Athletes?

How Nootropics Can Help Bodybuilders, Crossfiters, and Powerlifters Gain Strength. Nootropics are often talked about in Silicon Valley — but can they help Strength Athletes Gain an Edge? Nootropics. Smart Drugs. Brain Boosters. These compounds are typically associated with hard-charging CEOs looking to get an edge on the competition, students cramming for a midterm, or elite biohacker seeking to promote...

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What are Nootropics? An Introduction To the Wonderful World of Nootropics

Nootropics like AZOTH 2.0 are the big rage in today’s world. But what are they really? How Do They Work? What if I told you that you could experience enhanced focus, greater mental clarity, elevated mood, and superior recall? What if I also told you that these traits could be obtained without any illicit psychedelics that could potentially harm you, or get you a considerably...

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