Multi-Tasking is for Procrastinators.

The Art of Getting Shit Done Might be A Science.

“Multi-tasking arises out of distraction itself.” -Marilyn Vos Savant.

Marilyn is best known for having the third highest IQ ever recorded (228). She crushes Einstein’s 175…so do not take her wisdom lightly.

You do not have to be a literal genius to be productive. Far from it actually.

Just following these tips will help you be more productive, which leads to having more time to do the things YOU want to do.

*Can you believe people used to put multitasking on their resumes?*

It used to be something to boast about.

Well today, we now know the human brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

This renders multitasking as not only useless, but also as a detriment to productivity because it’s a distraction.

You cannot create good work when you’re distracted. Or at least not in a reasonable time.

So, how do you fight the common urge to multitask?


The battle must be won before it starts.

  • Turn off your phone and put it in another room.
  • On your computer, hold yourself accountable by closing all extra tabs before starting.
  • Work for 55 minutes straight, break for 5, and repeat.
  • Don’t break these rules when you’ve got to get shit done.

I know this can hurt relationships, but let them know that time spent working should not be spent not working. If they can’t accept that, then they’re in your way of progress. Plain and simple.

Maximize every ounce of time you have to work and max out your productivity.

It’s the only way to create more time to live the life you truly desire.

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

P.S. I’m going to email you about productivity for the next 2 weeks. But here’s the thing to remember: Reaching levels of Peak Productivity and Getting Sh*t Done is all about making the Time to choose the life You want to live.

Don’t forget that.

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