Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful?

Welcome The Fire. It will be your best friend.

It’s honestly mind-boggling how simple success is.

Incredibly simple….

But is it easy?

Absolutely Not.

You have to put in work.

There can be no success without work.

Plain and simple.

Success comes with a price.

It’s mentally draining.





plus more….

You still ready to sign up?

You see all sunshine and rainbows all over social media but that’s only 5% of the life of success.

If you’re not mentally prepared for it, you’ll
quit faster than you started.


Good. Because someone has to tell you.

Look, here’s the truth…

There is hope.

Like anything, the pain of success
is something you can get used to.

And it’s not that the path becomes
easier, it’s that you become better.

In fact, there are many ways in which
it becomes more difficult when you
gain more success.

There are challenges you can’t
even fathom
in your mind right
now, because your problems
aren’t big enough
… yet.

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But, to leave you with any last words
of comfort, remember to ask yourself…

“What’s the alternative?”

What are you settling for?

The struggle is absolutely more painful at the bottom.

Sure it may get comfortable down there
as you get used to it.

But that’s a false promise that only
comes back to haunt you in the end.

You see, everyone has to pass through
the fire at some point.
Some people (the
successful), choose to do it early on.

But those who wait to submerge themselves,
face the worst fire of all.

This is the flame of REGRET.

Its flames are ravenous and merciless.

And once you fall in, there’s no going back.

With that said…

Remember to be brave in the
face of distress.

Jump right into the flame, as soon as you
have the chance.

Don’t avoid the pain, and you will rise again. Renewed.

Transformed into better.

Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

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