Welcome To The Billion Dollar Boys Club. Now Get Ready to Sacrifice Everything.

Want Entry To The Billion Dollar Boys Club? Get Ready to Sacrifice Everything.

If You’re Not Ready To Drink Piss, Work 100+hours a week, and lose everything in between, you have already lost.

I have sold 20+ companies. I have sacrificed my health, my family, my social life, my mental state and everything in between. Are you ready to do the same?


Yes, we’re a nootropic company, and yes we as a company collectively spend considerably more time educating our tribe about the life skills required to crush life than purely pitching our product, but that’s always been AZOTH’s M.O. You can go back to our early days (2017) and the CEO’s Desk blog and quotes (albeit in horrible DIY coding) was our mainstay then — and we’re here to stay.


I’m not going to deny it: our approach is quite an odd thing to do for a supplement company, but it’s just in our DNA. And luckily, we have no pencil-neck investors twisting our arms (yes, we remain 100% customer-funded), so, we’ll continue with that trend for as long as we’re around: providing you with more value than any other supplement newsletter you can remember.

Fuck, it feels good to write that (as I pop 2 caps of AZOTH 2.0).

Anyway, last week I spoke about Money. How to make it. Why to Make it. What not to do. Given the response on my E-mails and the number of reads, it seemed to generate a lot of passionate debate, with the resounding voices claiming: This shit is legit.


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Today, I’ll talk about something else that’s legit:

Your programming around balance

It’s killing your dreams of achieving God Mode. And to be frank, all the shit you’ve been reading here and all the self-development you’ve been doing and affirmations you’ve been writing along the way to be the next Elon Musk (yes, we have a weird affection for that guy’s insane work ethic at AZOTH’s HQ.) are going to the shitters with that programming of yours.

Elon Musk said he slept on the floor of Tesla’s factory because he wanted to suffer more than any other employee during Model 3 “production hell.”



You see, your whole life you’ve been programmed around balance. In school, if you did homework for 3 hours, you get a lunch break and can play kickball outside for an hour, if you cleaned your room and went to Church on Sundays, your parents would allow you to sleepover at a friends house, after a long season of playing ball, you’d get a few weeks off, after eating clean for a week, you could splurge a bit on the weekend.

It’s how we humans operate.

After all, a bit of “downtime” after bouts of hard work works wonders in themicro to maintain equilibrium.

If you go hard all the time, you’ll burn out. If you see the same girl every day, no matter how cute she is, you’ll get bored, if you eat the same food each morning, you’ll slowly start to hate it. Our brains don’t want the same experience over and over again, it’s not hardcoded for it, it will repel against it. Facts.


But here’s the thing: it works, but only in the micro.


Let’s take a bird’s eye view and look at it from a zoomed lens on the macro level:

What do you remember about Steve Jobs? Computers. Einstein? Physics. Mozart? Music.

Sorry if you think if this is sad (yes, it kind of is now I think about it…) but life is binary just like this: black or white. We don’t remember people for their times off, or for the fact that they were great “multi-taskers.” we remember them for one thing they did, and that’s it.

And…rightfully so. If you look at the life of any of these men, you’ll see that an insane amount of time they spent was working on their craft. Insane, we’re talking on average of 10,000+ hours doing the same thing over, and over, and over again.

(Recommended Read: Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point.” Yes, the full download is available in the Tribe.)


You see, with balance you can maintain the status quo. But that’s the real problem. It just helps with basic function and maintaining homeostasis, avoiding boredom, and works with your brain’s wiring. But function and maintaining your sanity & status quo is all it does.

It doesn’t allow you to make quantum leaps.

Now, my goal of writing all this isn’t to make you feel bad or to point out how some people are superior to you: it is to point out how human nature by default programs us in a way that is not conducive to massive success, and it is on us to break free from this conditioning if we want to make history.

You’re not supposed to drive a Rolls Royce after graduating college, to own a private jet at 24, or to be able to pursue financial independence at 35. Fuck, your local bank doesn’t even have a program for people who make $10M under 35, nor does your college have a box for salaries above $250K+ when sending you a post-grad survey your first year after graduating.

When you take a glorious piss on society’s programming for you, they literally don’t know what to do with it or with you. So, the focus for balance isn’t just your shitty conditioning, it’s the “human condition.”

To make a better case, let’s focus on what has been touted as the “four burners” theory.

The Four Burners Theory

This theory claims that we as humans have finite energy, and our energy is divided into the four burners of life:

  1. Family
  2. Health
  3. Friends
  4. Work

As we go through various stages of life, we might value one over the other, but with the goal being that as we age, we achieve “balance” in all of these. Ask any person with HR and they’ll attest, the word “work-life balance” has become the trend of the decade at any HR Department.

But this is the problem.

All around me, people are finishing grad schools, starting their first job, going hard on their first real hustle, and looking to go “all in” to finally lay a foundation to make F-YOU money, yet, they still find time to play sports, to date chicks, and to hang out with their friends. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of them will end up really rich in their 50s and 60s. They might end up in Country Clubs making bank as investment bankers with a trophy wife, but many more will expect to be filthy rich ($500M+), than they actually will ever be. Because, the truth is, by pursuing balance: by choosing to spend energy on dating, weekend hangouts, and investing in their social life (even if it’s for 4 hours a week), they’ve already settled, without admitting it.



Full disclosure. I’m no Steve Jobs. But even for me to get to the place that I have the audacity to write a newsletter about F-You money took a lot of work.

It scares to admit how much I’ve sacrificed from between 17–27. I lived in the library, building business after business, cleaning toilets for lousy tenants, riding bikes in the snow to fulfill orders, I don’t know where to begin. I didn’t have any friends, I avoided any distraction, and never even touched a can of alcohol all of college. I think my social life the past 10 years was as exciting as a manual from Ikea.

Now, when people work with me, they’ll invariably think: This is it? Where’s the “genius of Prady?” Why is he driving X car? There’s none. It’s just that I keep working.

It’s 11 PM on Sunday, and I slept in my car for 2 hours the past two nights. I’m typing this from a 24/7 gas station with Wi-Fi with a pungent smell of urine because I have to fulfill orders at 2 AM and I won’t have time to go back home tonight if I want to fulfill hand-written orders on time.

…But, that’s not the point. The point is that this shit hurts. I am in physical pain much of the day from lack of sleep. I have all types of sleeping disorders now, and I have tremors in my hands like a drug addict because of it. But that’s how I know it works.

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At this point, you’re either cringing reading this, or some you are getting aroused, ready to bust. The latter sick fucks are the ones who will probably change the world. Because you get it. You get that all this sugar coating around balance is the biggest misconception in the Western World and that you’ve been played since day 1:

You cannot become a tycoon by leading a balanced life.

Stop lying to yourself and embrace the truth. Here’s where this thought leads you (yes, I’m going to bust your dreams here).

If you’re balanced, you’ll never be a billionaire, raise superstar children who will change the world and thank you for it, win the Mr. Olympia, grab 10 Ironmans, and have the most amazing marriage in the world. You might get one of these things, but you won’t have all of them simultaneously. Because they are all opposite of each other, and the intense work ethic required to achieve all these goals are so demanding, that any distraction from them will significantly reduce all odds of F-You success at any one of them.

The day I bought my first Bentley, I hadn’t hadn’t slept, showered, or changed in days going through my company’s acquisition — the most brutal stretch of 10 days. I passed out shortly after this picture and ended almost dying. This is the shit no one wants to talk about.




Now, I’ve been doing this long enough that I know I’ll get some people stoked up and angry at writing this, saying that balance is the key to a happy life. I don’t necessarily disagree. I really do think that the four burners theory is a great way to live your life and a genuine solution. Mainstream media isn’t always out to get you, their approach to push you to set all burners at 25% may well help you to live a long and happy life. But, it will be average.

You won’t be the next pioneer in your field. And that’s the point of this article, and that’s who this article is written for. If your concept of the world is to have a happy family life, a good marriage, and a good income, this article isn’t for you. It’s written for a small fraction of sick fucks who will sacrifice everything and will drink piss each day and are willing to leave behind their relationships, families, and sanity because for them being the next Vanderbilt, or Trump, or Musk is worth it, no matter what.

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Now, there’s a chance that after reading this you might recognize that being as wealthy as Elon Musk isn’t for you. And who is to blame you for that? Maybe money isn’t everything. That’s up for you to decide.

Just know you have to make a choice,

whether it’s family, health, or wealth, or a bit of all.

Either way, if you don’t decide, the writing is on the wall.

You have already lost.

Welcome to the way of Man.

This is AZOTH.

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Strength and Honor,



Prady Tewarie
The Enlightened Millennial Podcast
CEO & Founder


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