The New Modern Man & Woman get to Choose the Life They want to Build.

Out with the old. In with the “new.”

Let’s make one thing clear:

You and I are here for the same reason — Neither of us believes that we should choose between living one great life over another.

That time is over.
It’s 2019.
We don’t need to make a choice.

The new modern man and woman get to choose the life they want to build.

Let me also you remind you what “Seeking AZOTH” means:

AZOTH — the journey to unlocking your true potential by living the life you truly desire.

This journey you’re on is living the life that YOU truly desire. The life that YOU want. Not the one society, guru’s, professors, friends, or family want for you.

Under no circumstances must you let anyone or anything force you to CHOOSE between the lives you really want.

Why be good at a few things if you can be great at everything?

*What’s the life you’re imagining right now?*

Good. Now, let’s commit to making it reality:

Watch: 100% Commitment: The Old School Way

Once you’re committed to living the life you desire, you know what the next step is:

Immediately Get Shit Done.

Don’t Procrastinate. Take the first step, right now.

One of these Four steps will help:

View: Procrastination | 4 Tips to Enhance Productivity

  1. Own your space. This is a simple concept yet so powerful.
  2. Feed your brain some tunes. You’d be surprised what science says about the relationship between music and your brain.
  3. Get out and MOVE. Remaining stagnant for prolong periods of time goes against our basic physiology.
  4. Free your mind. An insane amount of procrastination is due to feeling overwhelmed and lacking proper direction.
  5. Finish Reading

If you’re truly pursuing your dream life, grinding every day, and still hitting a wall, then let’s talk and figure out what’s stopping you.

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Let’s Get Shit Done.

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

Remember: The more you Get Shit Done, the More Time you have to create the Life You Truly Desire — the one you’re imagining right now.

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