That Deep Pit of Guilt in Your Stomach is Real. Do Something About it.

The status quo is hell bent on keeping you small, average, depressed, and weak. It’s time to change the narrative.

You have company, but deep down you still feel alone.

You have a well paying job, but deep down you still feel like you’re settling.

You’re in good physical shape, but deep down you still feel inadequate.

Because deep down you know you’re meant for more.

And feel the deep seated guilt

of not fulfilling your potential,

Of failing to do the things you were put on this very earth to do,

….it’s sending you to a downward spiral and punching you in the gut.

And without you taking action,

It will not only get worse, but it will slowly kill you.

This is why we created AZOTH 2.0.

AZOTH 2.0 provides you with God-Like Focus to help you achieve the things you’re put on this earth to do and to obliterate any obstacle your way while getting there.

But, AZOTH is something bigger than a supplement.

It’s your fighting chance to say “no” to the status quo that’s hell bent on keeping you small, average, depressed, and weak.

Because when you get more shit done in your day and your mind is free, no one can control you. You remain the master.

No one is coming for you.

Only you can save yourself.

Why settle for good when you’re meant to be great?

Text “GETMINE” to 484848 (US ONLY) to learn more about AZOTH or visit our page at

Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

P.S. You can now Text “TRIBE” to 484848 (US Only) to talk directly to us about the Tribe or getting your bottle of AZOTH. No URLs, no loading speeds, or no crazy browsers ruining your day or clogging your phone. We got your back. The AZOTH way.

Remember: The more you Get Shit Done, the More Time you have to create the Life You Truly Desire — the one you’re imagining right now.

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