Building a Dream Team: What We Can Learn From Spending Habits Of The World’s Elite Sport…

Building a Dream Team: What We Can Learn From Spending Habits Of The World’s Elite Sport Franchises

The World’s Elite Institutions Have A Strict Vetting and Recruitment Policy. Isn’t it Time You Did The Same With Your Life?

Society Was Wrong: Judging is a Noble Thing. The World’s Greatest Institutions Have a Very Selective Policy Of Who Gets To Come In. Why Shouldn’t You?

This week, Real Madrid (the most successful sports team in the world) spent $425M on signing new players (yes, that’s just been in a week’s time). They’re estimated to spend over to a $1B this month alone on transfer fees (minus bonuses/salaries). They also forced their most expensive player to leave (they bought him for $150M) because he didn’t score as much as they’d like for a few games (he’s still one of their highest scorers of all time). Mind you, Real Madrid has won more trophies than any other sports team in history.

The top three clubs in Spain have spent over $1.2B in the summer months alone. Why? Because that’s what winners do.

Why does Real do this? Because that’s what the great do who play the domination game. They discriminate like hell who they let in, and if someone doesn’t meet their standards, they drop them without any remorse, because they don’t take a single risk if it means they’d lose their position as number one.

And here you are. Reading this article, putting your vision board together, posting motivational memes on Twitter, and brushing up on your IG profile by putting the hashtag #entrepreneur #buildinganempire in your bio.
But that’s not enough.

You also have the audacity to masturbate to beating giants like Real Madrid at their game — of course conveniently forgetting the one caveat: instead of building a dream team worth a $1B who have undergone the most extreme form of vetting, your team (the people you ‘shoot the shit with’) are comprised of weekend warriors who can’t hold a real job, degenerate drunks who party every weekend, and significant others who are clearly toxic and leeching you of all your energy by nagging you for not calling them back.

The Joke’s on You.

But, But, Prady, he or she is my friend or gf/bf… how can you judge people like that?

Life is brutal and nothing but a succession of challenges aimed at you. Want to play a big game? Compete against $1B companies? Build Monopolies? Become the next Vanderbilt? Your chance of actually succeeding are less than a quarter of a percentile, and then you show up thinking you can win, much less compete, with a team of losers who are sucking all your energy out of it. Forget winning, how will you even survive? You’ve already lost in pre-season.

Let me put it this way. If you were playing fantasy sports, would you pick you to put on your own team to win? Fuck no. And here you are, blaming society for not picking you.

Successful people set strict standards for whom they allow on their team called “life” and they vet everyone they let in like fucking maniacs. If at any point, anyone on the team acts up, they get dropped and replaced. If a $4B sports team can’t afford to keep any losers on the team why what makes you think you can even afford to even think to put up with it?

The data is there. While there are a variety of factors that contribute to the success of great men and women, the one and only constant in literally every study on the subject of success predictability has been access to network.Every fucking study.

People who employ larger networks and step outside their comfort zone of closed networks — their hometowns, high schools, and college buddies then to perform significantly higher. Source: Forbes

And yes, access to network consistently outranked:

  • Hard Work
  • Grit
  • And Talent

in each one of the studies.

We all know this. Why else would we want to send our kids

  • to Ivy League Schools?
  • to the Best school districts?
  • to the Best sports academies?

You think that they have access to “better books” or better tennis balls than everyone else? No. They foster a better network and a strong alumni base, which in turn massively boosts workplace success.

The most recent study conducted at Harvard estimated your network to account for 95% of your life’s outcome. That means that whoever you talk to at least three times a week accounts for an average 95% of your failure and success and life.

95%. Let that sink in. How could you not take this seriously?

It sunk in with us at AZOTH. So much so, that when we sat down here at AZOTH HQ and really thought about how to do more for customers, we actually didn’t build another product line or a nootropic version 3.0 with a fancier label, nor did we hire Salesforce or booth girls to represent our company at expos.

We just couldn’t do it.

It wouldn’t be true to our mission statement of helping people to unleash their potential.

Seriously, I’ll repeat: we put our entire production for new products on hold and instead built the Tribe instead.

The AZOTH Tribe is a place where we connected our most hardcore customers — the ones who are on their path to forge greatness — with one another in a private Facebook forum — a place where they could bounce off ideas, motivate, inspire, and push each other to greatness. No fucking spam, no advertising, just straight up cold networking.

Watch Full Video Here

The group has become the talk of the town in the supplement industry not only because we’re the only ones doing it, but because this shit works. Being around other people who share your mentality and are on the same wavelength causes paradigm shifts in your actual life, and has the scientific ability to turn your “dreams” into “reality.” Instead of people becoming a liability and weighing you down when you’re climbing an uphill battle, they become the strongest asset available — like a pack of jet fuel when you’re coursing through the roughest terrain man has come to find.

Join the AZOTH Tribe Here

Will we get pushback? Been there, done that. Our DMs are filled with hate mail. And for thinking this way, so will yours. In 2019 society tells us we aren’t supposed to “judge.” Judging is bad, and we should be shamed for it. God forbid you refuse to hire, date, or marry someone that doesn’t live up to your subjective standards.

Vetting? Nah, just let ’em all in. They’re not a bad person, they just need “time.” This is the biggest bullshit advice someone ever gave to you. Tune it out.

One thing Ms. Sally from writing writing class taught you early on: When you’re picking facts to bolster your argument, always look at the source. Stop taking advice from losers and degenerates. If you want to drive a Rolls Royce, don’t listen to someone driving a beat up Honda Element. Society loves feeding bullshit to us, hoping we’ll eat it up in an attempt to keep us weak, poor, and useless because weak and non-empowered people are easy to control. If you’re a sick fuck, making millions, and can walk away from every situation, they literally won’t know what to do with you.

So fuck what society thinks. Follow what the billion dollar franchises do. Have some standards in your life and stop handing out your attention like a degenerate.

  • Someone wanting to be your friend or significant other? Make them work for it until they’ve deserved every inch of your time. Every fucking inch.
  • Partner for 3 years suddenly acting up and acting bitchy? Drop their ass without closure.
  • Childhood friend annoying you for not spending enough time with them? End the friendship and walk away for life.

It’s that fucking easy. And yes, I’ll get flack for saying this. But I don’t care. I write these newsletters to create the next leader of man, not to make you feel good.

So vet like a maniac, and set strict standards. If you don’t respect yourself, how dare you have the audacity to expect the same from random strangers?

This is the way of man. This, my friends, is AZOTH.

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
The Enlightened Millennial Podcast
CEO & Founder

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