America Fought Tooth and Nail For Her Freedom, So Should You.

Freedom isn’t free. Wage Total Warfare daily to earn it.

America Fought Tooth and Nail For Her Freedom, So Should You.

We dropped our new Under Armour branded shirts not too long ago and in traditional AZOTH fashion, it reads (or screams): “GET SHIT DONE.”

No semblance of a supplement brand, or that we sell sports nutrition products.

So when I attend fitness expos and people see the AZOTH logo with wings and a key and ask me what we’re selling, I say “options.”

That’s what the fuck we do.

And it’s not supposed to be an Instagrammable quote that fits neatly in an “about us section,” it’s a philosophy that permeates all we do here at AZOTH HQ.

I summed up the meaning of options in one of the recent podcast episodes I did with Leo:

“Most of us, we’re just happy playing small and getting what we can. Fuck that. Stop taking what you can, take everything instead.

What’s everything?

It’s options.

When I was younger, my grandfather would bring home newspaper articles, clipped with business advice and financial reports, and forced me to study them word-by-word.

Irate, I asked him one day why I had to stay in and study random numbers while all the kids could play outside instead.

“Options, Prady.”

“What options?”

My grandfather then told me something I never forget to this day:

“The difference between me today and you in the future is that:

I get what I can. But you, you will get what you want.

Simple statement really, but it left a meaningful impression on me and I never looked at life the same way again.

The reason why it probably resonated with me was because it’s the American Way.

And while I was not born in this country, I love it to the core because it represents to me everything I stand for.

Getting what you want is the American Way. It means freedom.

But while many of you reading here proudly go all out every Fourth of July, celebrating America’s Freedom, many amongst us seem to have forgotten that we got our Freedom by fighting for it.

It was not given to us.

We were not entitled to it.

As a matter of fact, we took the fight straight to the Brits and said we are “done compromising” and waged total warfare.

Just like America fought for her freedom, so must you.

But you choose not to. Yes, that includes you.

You live in America, but you are not free because you don’t want to put up a fight. Instead, you’ve built a life around compromise, Netflix & Chill, and microwavable food.

If you didn’t, you would be able to go to your boss who has been treating you like shit and tell him to fuck off.

If you didn’t, you would be able to tell that chick who makes your life hell to take a hike.

But you don’t. Because you can’t.

Instead, all you do is “compromise.”

That’s all you do. Let’s keep it real. You compromise all the fucking time.

How do most of us decide on a place to live? We Compromise.

Ah, it’s close by to work, rent’s not too bad I guess, the bank is giving me a shitty interest rate, It’s definitely not my dream home, but I’ll make it work by working overtime because it’s the American Dream! Sign me up for 30 years worth of payments.

How do most of us decide on what we do for a living? We Compromise.

The hours are OK, there’s a cutie at HR without stubble on her chin I can get off to if I get used to her long enough…oh and look at this: dental benefits that I’ll never use! It’s not the job I hoped to have growing up, but who gets to pursue their dream job? That’s not realistic. Sign me up for the next 20 years in a cubicle with no freedom!

How do most of us decide who get in a relationship with? We rationalize and put up with them.

No wonder half the country is on depression medication popping Xanax like it’s going out of style.

Why is that?

Because you are fucking entitled.

You don’t want to work, you don’t want to fight for your own freedom.

And people who aren’t free have to compromise because they don’t have options.

Instead, you want to shoot the shit all day. It’s actually fucking laughable.

What if our Good ‘Ol George Washington were like “eh, fuck going to battle today, I need to DM this cutie instead.” Or, “Oh fuck! I can’t lead my men today, ‘cuz GOT is on tonight! Let’s put the American Revolution on hold until the season premiere is over.

Sound nuts?

That’s what you are choosing each fucking day.

When you’re choosing to stay in and watch Game of Thrones instead of working on your craft.

When you’re choosing to spend time with some degenerate friends instead of studying harder.

When you’re choosing to go out and get a girlfriend instead of going out and hustling.

And let me remind you — there are some reading this right now who will magically feel they should put in rigid standards. It won’t work. You must work and become a person that doesn’t compromise before the standards you place on how you want to be treated will land with others.

  • Want people to treat you with respect? Good, work harder.
  • Want to have the choice of what car you can drive? Good, work harder.
  • Want to tell that chick who is treating you like shit to take a hike? Good, work harder.

Waging war isn’t easy. Nothing worth having is.

Yes, it is hard fucking work. And yes, if you read and employ the strategies I shared in the past few articles I wrote, you will probably almost kill yourself, but at least you’ll do it on your terms.

Although my life may seem like a wreck, I’m one of the happiest motherfuckers you will ever meet. Truly happy. Because when I work hours at my job sites until 5 AM, and give my left testicle to build AZOTH for days without sleep, I work with the best savages in the game whom I fucking respect, I come home in a car I want to drive, go back to an apartment I choose to live in, and hang out with people who genuinely care.

No compromise.

And it’s not a selfish thing.

Because not only do I not compromise, the people in my life don’t compromise to be in my life either. They want to be there, more than any other place.

It’s called lifestyle design, I get to benefit from it, and it brings up everyone in my life.

So should you and everyone around you.

So how do you build options and design your life?

Wage Total Warfare, live the AZOTH way, and fight for every fucking inch.

This is the way of man.

This, my friends, is AZOTH.

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Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

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