• Whether You’re Building Your First Side-Hustle
  • Dominating Your Workouts
  • Crushing it at Work
  • Or Burning the Midnight Oil to Conquer Your Studies
Uninterrupted  Peak-Productivity and Being "In the Zone” Form the Undisputed Holy Grail of Success.
After all, you can have all the talent, skill, and experience in the world, but if you’re lacking concentration and are feeling burned out, you’re going to fall short. Each time.
This is why we formulated AZOTH 2.0.
AZOTH 2.0 is an easy to swallow, all-natural (vegan) dietary supplement containing 9 nootropic ingredients working in synergy to unleash within you uninterrupted, crash-free focus, motivation, and social confidence that lasts all day and never leaves you hanging.