• “Productivity Without Compromise"

Our motto “Productivity Without Compromise" aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of AZOTH LLC

"The person who executes will achieve more in one month than ten of the most talented, gifted, or educated dreamers will in their entire lifetimes combined."  Armed with that belief, I created AZOTH in August of 2017 while in Law School with the vision of equipping the modern human with the focus, motivation, and confidence to become one of the world’s doers. 

Today, our flagship nootropic product, AZOTH 2.0, has turned over 49,000+ dreamers into doers and has been featured in some of the leading news organizations around the world. 

I credit our remarkable growth as a result of daring to do things different from the competition.  Our company isn’t a marketing company disguised as a supplement company, we don’t hide behind proprietary blends, and we never sacrifice our mission for providing greater productivity at the expense of less than excellent products.

I stand confident in my belief that our vision and our unique way of doing things will continue to make AZOTH a name that resonates with every peak-performer around the world in the years to come as we scale globally."