What does AZOTH Mean?

And "Seeking AZOTH?" What about "Get Shit Done?"

prady tewarie

ceo & founder

"At the end of the day the world is run, changed, and moved by those who get shit done and all the skill, talent, and money in the world can’t make up for it."

noun. (az-oth) – the journey to unlocking your true potential by living the life you truly desire.

Realizing your true potential is realizing the highest form of yourself.
Potential is realized by living the life you truly desire.
Seeking your desired life is seeking AZOTH.

our story

W hat is true potential?

It’s living the life that YOU truly desire. The life that YOU want. Not the one society, guru’s, professors, friends, or family want for you.

Stop here and answer this:

*What’s the life you’re imagining right now?*

THAT'S the one we want to help you create for yourself. That’s our mission and Yours.

What’s GET SHIT DONE all about?

Simple. To live the life you really want, you have to Get Shit Done by reaching new levels of peak productivity. There is no time for mediocrity. The more shit you get done, the more TIME you have to create this life you want.

Get Shit Done = Creating the time to create the life you want, the life you know reflects your true potential.

But, listen...the one thing I do not tolerate is treating any of our words as motivational HYPE. There’s a no bullshit policy in the AZOTH Tribe. Yes, those words are nice, but at the end of the day the world is run, changed, and moved but those who get shit done and all the skill, talent, and money in the world can’t make up for it.

...When I was in law school, working at a law firm, trying to compete as a professional bodybuilder, and trying to build multiple businesses, I bought into the hype.

I tried everything I was told to “be productive.” I tried it all.

*You know what?*

I crashed hard…very hard. I hit a wall and I was forced to make a shitty decision: I had to choose which lives I wanted - I couldn’t have it all.

The life I truly desired...
The life I could choose for myself...
The life I knew I was meant for...

I couldn’t live life on my terms, reach my full potential, and it hurt – kind of like that constant feeling you have in your gut that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it burns - and it will fucking eat you. That’s what it is. It just eats you. You feel it every morning and every night.

i was sitting on a beach in the Caribbean

White sand, a gentle, warm breeze blowing, zero humidity, staring into the clear blue waters. It was the definition of paradise. A boat was on the horizon, and…

“Prady? Excuse me, Prady? Prady!”

I snapped my head up – “Prady, if you’re falling asleep during our prep for the biggest mock trial of the year, then you obviously have no purpose being in this classroom,” said the professor.

“Excuse me,” I said, as I got up from the desk, walked out of the room and into the hallway, towards the restroom. I still don’t know if I stood up too fast, or if it was from however long I was asleep, but in the hallway, I got tunnel vision, got dizzy, and fell forward -

*face first into the wall.*

A group of students gasped.

*Bloodied Nose*

*Bloodied Ego*

“I’m fine,” I said, as I walked away…”I think I"ll take the rest of the day off.”

all this crazy shit i was trying to "be productive"

Turns out it wasn’t standing up too fast or sleepiness – it was all this crazy shit I’d been trying to “be productive.”

In college and law school, I started my journey on reaching peak productivity – I knew it was the only way to make enough time in the day to achieve everything I wanted:

  • Crush Undergrad and Law School – Top of Class – Get any Career
  • Rise to the top in a Law Firm - Respected as a Fierce Lawyer in Boston
  • Gain the Physique of a Greek God - Win National Bodybuilding Competitions
  • Build, Grow, and Scale Business Empires - Financial Freedom

See, the problem with taking on too many things at the same time is you spread yourself thin and risk sucking at everything. It was one of my biggest fears. I didn’t just want to be able to choose the lives I wanted to live – I wanted to dominate all of them at the same time. I believe mediocrity is a plague in the world.

Well…that fear came true. I was squeezing in workouts in the morning and at lunch, cramming for every single exam at the last minute, making little progress “climbing the ladder” as an intern at a firm, and then going home to build businesses into the late nights…and I was mediocre at all of them.

After getting over the motivational hump, being utterly exhausted for morning workouts at the gym resulted in plateaus. Bad gym performance would be on my mind all day and cause me to lose focus and confidence at school and work. Then came one-on-ones w/ professors about declining grades. After day-in-day-out of that, I’d get home and be mentally and physically drained, having no energy to commit to the side-hustles.

The result of month after month of that routine? I hit the wall. *Literally*

  • Copious amounts of Caffeine
  • Energy Drinks / Pills / Shots
  • Pre-workout supplements
  • Caveman Sleeping (4-hrs at a time for max. R.E.M. sleep states)
  • Scheduling my time by 12-min intervals
  • Choosing to work only on tasks that aligned w/ my cardiac cycles

Like I said, crazy shit.

Crazy, hyped-up “productivity” shit + tools that are only designed for elite athletes during competition – NOT everyday people. (Yes, even the studies on caffeine are based off athletic use for short spurt events).

I ended up taking 2-weeks off of everything to fully recover and decided to give in to the inevitable:

I did have to choose between those lives. I didn't have enough time in the day for everything. I was just going to “give it my all” at being a lawyer and put everything else off…maybe in 10-years I'd get a promotion.

I Stumbled Upon Something Pretty Fascinating

During that 2-weeks, while trying to figure out what went wrong, I stumbled upon something pretty fascinating (I was pretty deep into the Internet, after 2-weeks).

It was an old program that the Soviets used for their Astronauts to keep them safely at levels of peak performance during intense training, space flight, and even being in space.

In the years of my “productivity journey,” I was amazed I hadn’t yet heard about what they were doing.

It was a game-changer and the last bit of hope I had for not giving up…but I had no idea if it would actually work.

what were these astronauts using?


Not just one or two single ingredients – they were rigorously studying and testing hundreds of combinations to discover the best possible way to help their Cosmonauts safely achieve peak performance to prep for and endure space flight.

“Nootropics?” I wondered.

“Brain-boosters. Cognitive Enhancers. Smart Pills…”

Okay…so, would these help me get more shit done?
Actually get enough shit done to make time to live the lives I wanted?

*So, I dug deeper*

Turns out, they were used way before the Astronauts…they’ve been used for over 10,000 years by many ancient civilizations across the globe.

All-natural herbs that many cultures referred to as “miracle plants.”

Nootropics - Natural Herbs Used To:

  • Optimize your brain’s ability to focus and hold attention-span
  • Enhance memory and ability to learn
  • Accelerate information processing speed
  • Trigger motivational and confidence parts of your brain
  • Rebalance your brain’s chemicals to eliminate stress, anxiety, depression
  • Protect your brain from free-radical damage (anti-oxidant effects)
  • Amplify energy mentally and physically
  • All while being non-toxic, w/ no stimulation and very little-to-no side effects
"This changes everything,” I thought.

*I was all-in*

I ordered every single nootropic I could get my hands on (hundreds of them) and researched all scientific studies and historical articles I could.

Over the next 2 years, I tried single nootropics, made my own stacks (combinations), and by this time, companies were starting to produce their own stacks.

The Goal: Increase productivity, reach peak performance at everything, and make enough time in the day to not have to choose between lives – I was going to live the life I truly desired.

The Big Problem: You can’t just “be productive” by being focused and energetic (I had already learned that the hard way). You need to be in a great mood, with no stress, confident w/ high self-esteem, stay positive and only then can you “be productive” with that perfect balance of focus and energy to make that extra time in the day.

There was nothing available that would solve all of these problems at once.

3 Seriously Bigger Problems with Every Company’s Nootropic Stack

1) Hidden Ingredients“Proprietary Blends,” is what they call them. That is a big red flag and a guarantee that they are using cheap, knockoff ingredients, not real nootropics and/or using bad stimulants to make you “feel” good before crashing your mind and body into disappointment.

2) Severely Underdosed – By this time, I knew the proper doses and not a single company was giving them out. It would take half a bottle (15-30 capsules) to get a clinical dose of just some of the single most important ingredients.

3) Caffeine Pills - This is what pissed me off the most. They were just selling caffeine, the stimulant, to make people feel better…and then let them crash. ALL without properly dosing any real nootropics.

*Unacceptable. Market-Wide. World-Wide.*

I was starting to believe that these “miracle plants” were all just hype. Yet again, more hype.

But, you know the saying:

“If you want it done right, do it yourself”

After 2 years of that, I spent the next 3 years dedicating myself to finding the perfect combination by teaming up with some of the world’s best manufacturers, scientists, and nootropic experts. I was sick of being deceived by all the “big players.”

183 tries later – AZOTH was born.

AZOTH is now the leading nootropic in the world, and now that you know the history of it, it’s not hard to understand why.

  • We don’t hide our 9 all-natural ingredients
  • We are the only nootropic company that pays for transparent third-party quality control testing
  • We provide proper, clinical doses
  • We don’t use any stimulants
  • We use the highest quality ingredients possible
  • We’re Made in America in our FDA Approved Facility

Most Importantly – we created the winning combination of:

Focus | Memory | Confidence | Motivation | Anti-Stress, Anxiety, Depression | Mood | Energy

So, what then?

Well, thanks to AZOTH, I made it through law school, became a lawyer at a top firm in Boston, won National Bodybuilding Competitions, and left the firm to grow, scale, and sell 26 businesses.

Yes, it is extremely rewarding to crush school and land a dream job.

Yes, it is extremely rewarding to win bodybuilding competitions

Yes, it is extremely rewarding to find success and financial freedom as an entrepreneur.

But…I stopped focusing on myself so much and realized how people like you could benefit from having extra time in your day to pursue the lives you truly want to live.

To reach your full potential.

*I get messages, calls, or letters every day from our customers*


That got to spend an extra 30 minutes with their kids because they got shit done that day and weren't completely exhausted when they got home. 

from that student

That said, “that last hour before finals felt like 3 while I was cramming – and I crushed it.”


Who got an extra 60 minutes at the gym or on the field and writes about “being in the zone” during training and competitions.

From that entrepreneur

That maximized that 5 hours after their 9-5 to go home energized and focused, ready to turn that side-hustle into an empire.

While on my long struggle of a personal journey to live the life I choose, I never imagined the gift I’d receive by having the opportunity to give everyone the tool that they too need to get out and live their lives. It’s truly a blessing and it’s caused me to make it my personal mission to help as many people as possible live the lives they truly desire.

These all-natural herbs that many cultures referred to as “miracle plants.” Yes, our tens of thousands of customers, our team, and I can all truly attest to that exact phrase.

Once again, Getting Shit Done is all about having more time to live the life you truly desire - the one you're imagining right now.

Strength and Honor,

prady tewarie

ceo & founder

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Prady Tewarie

Chief Executive Officer

"At the end of the day the world is run, changed, and moved by those who get shit done and all the skill, talent, and money in the world can’t make up for it."

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