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Best for those Seeking Peak Performance to Enhance Your Focus, Energy, Motivation and Reduce Stress with AZOTH 2.0 while getting Exclusive Coaching and Guidance from Prady and Team AZOTH.

1 Bottle of AZOTH 2.0 per Month


  • 1 Bottle Automatically Delivered to Your Door every 30-days.
  • 60 Capsules (2 per Day) - Perfect Dose for Regular Use


Access to Private FB Mentor Group
"Get Shit Done" Flipband
9-Part Productivity Video Course
Daily Accountability Texts / Messages
Weekly FB Lives with Prady
(3-months in) Free AZOTH Under Armour Tee
(12-months in) Free Personalized Gift

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    Limited Capacity - Reserved for Those Poised to Reach the Highest Pinnacles of Success Personally, Physically, Mentally, and Financially. World-Shakers Only.

    Everything in Platinum PLUS:

    Includes Everything from Platinum Membership in Addition to:

    • 1 Additional Bottle of AZOTH 2.0
    • Elite Mastermind Group
    • 1-on-1's with Prady, Team AZOTH, and our Network


    2 Bottles of AZOTH 2.0 per Month
    Access to Exclusive Mastermind FB Group
    Weekly Group Mastermind FB Lives
    1-on-1 Messaging with Prady and Team AZOTH 1x per week
  • Limited Capacity