Competition is For Losers: Why Being The Best is Not Enough.

Competition is For Losers: Why Being the Best Is Not Enough.

If you want 1% success, Being better won’t cut it. You must be the only one.

“I never give a shit about being the best. I cared about being the only one. This is why I live a 1% life.”

Day in and day out, Months, Years, and even decades,

you’re going “all in,” and outworking everyone else,

And you’ve achieved reasonable success, but the massive F-YOU success,

the one that would set your wildest imaginations ablaze

…never came.

In search for answers, some of you will join the Tribe, Others will call me looking for answers,

but the vast number of you are eventually going to take a glorious piss on your dreams and all the people that believed in you,

And call it a day.

But, before you do that

I challenge you to ask yourself:

Is your biggest accomplishment simply being “better” than everyone else?

That you clocked more hours, worked weekends, did more reps in the gym, or that your product is faster, better, or stronger (insert any feature) than anyone else’s?

Because if that is so, then I’m here to tell you,

That if you’re looking for F-You success,

Being better…It’s just not enough.

You see, the next Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bezos isn’t

Thinking about competing,

I’ll be crude here…the next Elon Musk doesn’t give a shit about competition.

*He’s building a monopoly*

And in doing so, he’s ensuring that he’s not only better,

But that he’s “only.”

To the extent that even his biggest enemies can’t refuse to use his products and simply can’t afford to ignore him.

Let’s make it more relatable and give you an example from our own company here: We’ve scaled AZOTH from a small side-hustle to a force in the nootropic industry not by outperforming our competitors on better graphics or getting cooler reviews or influencers.

Rather, we understood that many of our customers were looking for a community of like-minded individuals that would help them crush their goals and hold them accountable after they purchased the product, but they had no place to go. So, we built a place for them, the AZOTH Tribe.

Now, you can argue that AZOTH isn’t the greatest supplement company in the world, but not a single person (not even our “friends” who decided to pay to get us de-listed from Amazon) could argue against the fact that we’re the only ones offering a massive community with live support, courses, e-books, and weekly calls, and go above and beyond treating our customers like family.

So, when customers are looking for a supplement company that offers this type of community, they don’t have anything to compare it to. There is only us.

We’ve taken a small single-product company from my apartment to main street through diligent focus on our strengths and by refusing to chase the bigger corporations.

This is not because we’re “cool.” But because we have no option but to do that. Not just us, but any emerging company for that matter.

After all, if you’re working with limited resources, you can barely fight one battle, much less two. And this is where most startups cave. Instead of being relentless in the values they offer and perfecting their product offering, their constant worry about the competition derails them off their path to the point they end up getting crushed by the bigger guys, and not satisfying the customers that did believe in them in the first place. End result: a statistic of failed startups in year one.

We did it differently. By not being obsessed with where we stand on the competitive hierarchy, we at AZOTH have had unfettered freedom to work on creating more value and building a better experience for our customers (including writing over 50,000+ handwritten notes). Today, AZOTH is one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the space and we’re being sold in virtually every continent due to having one of the highest referral rates in the industry.

The lesson here is one that carries over to anything you’re trying to accomplish and massively excel at in life:

Whether it’s at your job, at school, or at your startup:

Don’t strive to beat the competition.

Strive to be so remarkable, that you don’t have any competition.

Revel in the fact that you’re not only better, but that you’re only.

Let this mindset permeate all that you do,

And watch even your grandest of dreams turn ablaze your entire existence.

Here’s Your Challenge for the Week:

“Being better…It’s just not enough.”

  1. Define in which area of your life you’re competing the most with others to be the best. (Write it down.)
  2. Stop Competing.
  3. Decide how you’ll be so remarkable that competition is non-existent. (Write it down.)
  4. Be the Only one providing that specific value.

The only true competition in life should only be with yourself. Keep pushing yourself and you’ll soon look up and be only.

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Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder

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