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We’re Going To Help You *MASSIVELY* Scale Your Side-Hustle

There isn’t a day that has gone by that I don’t get a DM from someone asking me

how to start their 1st business or

asking for help in scaling their business because it has seen almost zero growth in the last 12 months.

Frankly, I’m not surprised.

To put it in numbers:

93% of new businesses fail in America within the first 24 months.

But PT, online business is different in 2019 right? Anyone can get started with very low cash and succeed?

Wrong. Despite the lower barrier to entry, the failure rate in the online industry is even higher than average.

97.5% of new companies will fail in the first 24 months.

Out of those who survive the first 2 years, 94.5% of them will have only 1 non-founder, W-2 employee.

The reason for the high failure rate in non-VC funded, online startups: information asymmetry and cash flow.

The fact remains that the industry remains closed off, and the same few people own pretty much every massive company...

and guess what…

they’re not putting their trade secrets out there...

It should come to no surprise that there isn’t a “book,” or a course or even a YouTube tutorial that will teach new entrepreneurs

  • Which manufacturers to work with
  • How to set pricing on their stores
  • How to negotiate minimum order quantities
  • How to work with insurance companies
  • How and where to perform third party testing
  • How to get into retail
  • How to make sure they're legally compliant
  • Or even how to pay their social media influencers.

By the time most new entrants have figured most of this out, they are usually out of cash, or barely maintaining their current cash flow.

The dreams of owning a new Lexus and becoming the next Jeff Bezos have turned into:

“Back to my 9-5 cubicle with Betty from HR breathing down my neck”

So, why am I am saying all this?

Our goal at AZOTH has always been about changing the power dynamic from the big guys to the every day people; to demystify the secret world of success.

Now, we’ve decided to take it a step further.

After our massive success with helping our brothers and sisters in the AZOTH Tribe with their businesses,

We’ve decided to open up The AZOTH Tribe Elite Business Coaching Program,

Where we’re going to select a limited amount of companies (less than 5) who apply here

And we’re going to demystify the business of starting and scaling a successful company,

offering hands-on consulting support to get you from start-up, to massive scale-up.

Before you wonder, is this going to cost?

Hell yes.

If I were you, I’d be concerned if this were free…

Plus, if you wouldn’t be willing to invest in the success of your own business, why would we? (Major red flag!)

We’ve calculated that by joining our program, you would be saving anywhere from $79,000 to $125,000 a year.

Don’t sit on your behind hoping your business takes off.

Do something about it.

Here’s your chance.

Sign up on this form, and we’ll get back to you. (Note: First Come, First Serve Basis)

Strength and Honor,

Prady Tewarie
CEO & Founder AZOTH
Serial Entrepreneur - 26 Businesses Scaled and Sold as of 2019


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