• THE TOTAL STUDY STACK (60 Total Brain + 15 Total Focus + 30 Total Memory)

THE TOTAL STUDY STACK (60 Total Brain + 15 Total Focus + 30 Total Memory)

Ever get to an exam only to blank out in the middle of it forgetting all the information you flawlessly crammed the night before?

Ever started studying but lacked the ability to retain any of it causing you to lose hours getting absolutely nothing done?

Ever faced a deadline and needed to pull an all-nighter only to fight hardcore fatigue causing you fail miserably?

For The All-Nighters & All-Day Grinders

One Bottle Each Of:

  1. AZOTH 3.0 - Total Brain
  2. Total Focus
  3. Total Memory

Let’s be honest, your energy drinks and pills might work to get you through a 15 minute homework assignment, but they’re not going to help you crush the exams that really matter for your future; the ones that ultimately decide your next career moves.

But then again, that’s not their purpose. Their purpose is to give you a short-term burst of energy, not to help you crush your exams the next morning.

This is why we put together the TOTAL STUDY STACK, the world’s only stack that is exclusively designed to give you the focus, memory, and brain support you need to get to come out on top of your exams.

Stack Dosage: Combine the individual Recommended Dosages on each product label. See "How Should I Use It?" section below.

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What's Products are in the Stack?

The Total Study Stack contains 3 products:

  • Total Focus to help get you in the zone for over 5 hours on any task without any interruptions or crashes
  • Total Memory to help you increase your learning capacity and recall abilities during exams and study sessions
  • Total Brain (AZOTH 3.0) to help boost your motivation to get work done and to increase your brain’s ability to process new information
How Should I Use It?

As a dietary supplement, Take two (2) capsules AZOTH 3.0, one (1) capsule of Total Focus, and one (1) capsule of Total Memory. Assess tolerance before moving to four (4) capsules of AZOTH 3.0, two (2) capsules of Total Focus, and two (2) capsules of Total Memory.

What Will I Feel From Taking It?

  • Increased Short-Term Learning Capacity*
  • Increased Memory & Recall Abilities*
  • Little to No Fatigue & Burnout*
  • Faster Processing & Memory Retention*

What Are The Main Features?

  • Effects noticeable within minutes
  • Only 4 Capsules Required
  • Works Synergistically
  • No Crash, No Jitters
  • All 3 products designed to be taken at the same time


Restore your brain to optimal levels after years of degradation.


Every batch tested in a third-party facility for purity so you can rest assured when you’re using our products or recommending them to your loved ones.


Feel the benefits from the first dose without having to wait for weeks.


Proven Safe & Effective in Human Clinical Trials

The AZOTH Difference means that you trust the products we create are safe and effective for You, with absolutely no exceptions. We ensure the ingredients in our products have passed real, human trials and research studies with flying colors.

Trademarked, Patented Ingredients from World-Class Scientists

The AZOTH Difference means you're getting the most effective ingredients in the world. We only provide You ingredients that are produced by leading scientists in World-Class Ingredients Labs that undergo years of research to achieve perfection.

Every Batch Third-Party Tested

The AZOTH Difference means every product you purchase has been tested by an independent, third-party facility in the United States for potency and purity. Not only that, but we aren't afraid to show you the results of what a No Filler, No Fluff, No Fake Ingredients product looks like.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shawn P.
Totally focused

I just have to say this about your product. It works! My memory recall has improved drastically. My attention and brain cognition, so improved. all of your products are exceptional and I'm glad I subscribe to your newsletter. The Energy capsules are just perfect. No rush or crash!
Thank you and keep up the good work.

Marilyn G.

Azoth helped my memory so that I can remember names, events, and sharpen my recall better. It helps me so that I can be a better employee.